SHAKE by Cody Nottingham

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Permanent {adjective}
lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.

Cody Nottingham has changed the definition of permanent forever. SHAKE rattles the molecules of ink, and re-arranges it, visually.

With nothing more than a shake, the ink on the back of a playing card morphs on your command. Changing into the card they've selected.

SHAKE can be used for:

• Appearances
• Changes
• Reveals

Real magic is permanent. Download Shake today.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 10 Minutes
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  1. Ismail

    I would not recommend this if you want an examinable card. I don't this effect on anyone especially since some of the parts of this trick stand out unless you are especially good with crafting and making gimmicks and can perfectly cut straight lines
  2. Summary

    Considering the price I was amazed as to how insane this trick looks, and how easy it is to make.
    The gimmick for me usually takes 2 minutes to make, and when it brakes it takes seconds to fix.
    The trick is also so visual and can be used in so many ways, you don’t even need to make it on a playing card.
    Definitely worth your money!
  3. Summary

    The possibilities are endless with this!
  4. Summary

    This is an amazing trick and it always gets great reactions.
  5. Summary

    This is awesome. Super visual - worth way more than $6. Very convenient and easy to transport. Especially cool if you do Instagram/Snapchat magic because it's very visual.
  6. Summary

    not what i expected, you cant even show the card at all and it has to be done in a low hand position for you not to expose the gimmick. overall said iam not going to use this on anybody
  7. Summary

    This is a neat little gimmick that can be carried ANYWHERE you go. So simple to operate and takes little under a few short minutes to make many gimmicks. The gimmick is not examinable, however if you can control your audience they can carefully feel the ink before and after (risky but awesome!) Cody gives some simple ideas but it is really open to your imagination. Anything written small or any small drawings are able to be changed, and can be changed BACK! Such a neat and flexible device but for me the only issue is that it can't be done at certain angles and reduces the number of spectators, in essence. Overall, 4 out of 5 from me!
  8. Summary

    When I first decided to buy this I was super pumped but after watching the ten minute video I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it took some really creative thinking to come up with this but it's really angle sensitive and will probably only be used for a webcam for me. I love the illusion though!!
  9. Summary

    This product is genius! A completely different method than I thought! Here are my list of the cons:

    Not examinable.
    You have to have the card on a slight angle for the gimmick to be 'invisible.'
    No performance ideas were given.
  10. Summary

    I'll just list the pros and cons.
    -Very versatile you can change any small word, number or object, that would fit on a card.
    -Gimmick can be made with business cards
    -Can change and then CHANGE back
    -So easy to construct the gimmick, will take you less than 5 minutes make and you don't need anything special you can do this with what you probably have sitting in your home
    -Gimmick cannot be examined

    Honestly that is the only con I can think of, and there really isn't a need to have the card examined, but if you so please once you do the change in the misdirection of them reacting, you can easily do a card switch. Love the method, love the trick. 5/5