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Used constantly by top pros in hard hitting magic specials.

The Shapeshifter is used in television constantly by top pro magicians, including Blaine. If you watch his Specials, Street Magic and Magic Man you'll see huge reactions when Blaine performs the move.
Shapeshifter / the most stunningly visual card change.

There has never before been an authorized video documenting full instruction of this incredible move by Marc DeSouza himself. Visually WARP one card into another in milliseconds. You'll also learn other useful sleights that can be incorporated into other aspects of your magic and routines.

Truly, don't blink. You willl miss it. But don't miss out on your opportunity to own this DVD.
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  1. Summary

    Love this. Takes some practice but If you put in the time it can really be a shocker!!!! Get this!!!!
  2. Summary

    This is a cool effect no doubt but there are three things bringing down my review.

    Number 1 is that everything you learn off this video is also on youtube so there is no need to buy this.

    Number 2 is it is absurdly expensive, $25 for a colour change is frankly ludicrous.

    Number 3 the video is decieving, you can't do the first switch shown without a specific gaff deck.
  3. Summary

    Wonderful utility move/card/color change. Some people have had trouble learning this, I was doing it the first day of practice. Successful about 7/10 tries on the first day. If I was going to do an illusion that required this, I would practice a couple times before I was around anyone. Now I can do this all the time. If I mess up, the angle that I do is not noticeable to anyone else.