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As magicians we forget magic is not for us. It's to leave our audience with a feeling or memory of something truly impossible... That's what the Shooting Star does. 

Their wish manifests itself into a real item they can take home with them after your performance.  

With Shooting Star they visualize their hopes or dreams onto a piece of “wish paper” and like the star itself it shoots across from one hand to the other and instantly becomes an origami star. 

But it's not the visual that's impressive, it's the storyline and presentation that sinks right in. 

Once a thought kept deep in their mind, but now materialized into something they can hold… Forever.

Shooting star comes with:

  • • Secret gimmick - Makes sure you're always ready. 
  • • 5 Wish Bottles - For really special performances. 
  • • Pre-made origami stars - Plus instructions on how to craft more yourself. 
  • • Wish Paper - Enough for over a hundred performances. 

This really is a unique way to make an impact with your spectators, to do something that is more than just a visual. It has true meaning. 

It's moments like these in magic that leave your spectator with a lasting impression, putting you far above the rest. Not just card tricks or coins, Shooting Star is something the spectator can legitimately connect with, because it's THEIR wish.

Suitable for all ages and super easy-to-perform.  

Get Shooting Star TODAY. 

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  1. Summary

    I really like this even though it isn't really best suited for me. I rarely wear a jacket due to how hot it is where I live and it makes it impossible to hide the gimmick without me being uncomfortable. The concept is really sweet and I love the idea of writing a note inside the star. This will definitely make a lot of people happy. The video is also very thorough.
  2. Summary

    This is a very nice effect that I hope to add to my act. But I had to downgrade the rating because of a couple of deficiencies. There are angle problems which are not discussed on the video. The hand with the gimmick needs to be very carfully positioned throughout so as not to flash. Then there are some physical issues with the papers and the bottle: the papers are cut too wide to create a star which fits in the bottle's mouth. They should be no wider than 1/4 inch, and are 3/8ths inch instead. I had to buy my own "goldenrod" paper at Staples and use a paper cutter to cut 1/4 inch strips in order to make stars to fit the bottles. You also will need to purchase more bottles (say from Amazon: Mini Clear Glass Jars Bottles with Cork Stoppers) as this only comes with enough for 5 performances.

    The video does cover repair of wear and tear of the gimmick, but you probably can only do that 3 or maybe 4 times before needing to buy a new gimmick or before you have to figure out how to manufacture your own. The gimmick will wear out over time.

    In all, I think this is a practical effect, but one which is not fully explained, and one which you will need to make your own supplies. A better made gimmick, one which could be disassembled and the tape replaced would have made this a better product. But that's not going to stop me from buying a second gimmick when it goes on sale.