Show To Go by Adam Wilber


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Customer Reviews

  • by Jared

    Oct 2018

    I think this is a very good piece. The tricks are good and BBB is not that difficult with the Keepers, it is a lot more difficult with a set of Bicycles. The downside of this is I think the case can be slightly better in the form of quality and I wish there was space for another deck of cards so that, like others have said, we can lengthen the time of the show and push it out closer to an hour. Over all it is a very good piece and I will recommend it to anyone that is learning and looking to earn money as a magician. It is a fantastic idea that has been executed well.

  • by Rob Thompson

    Sep 2018

    WOW! The attention to detail that went into this is top notch. One effect went into my show immediately as my OPENER! The routines are well thought out, practical and up to date with today’s modern culture.
    Although I will probably never perform the contents as an “act” (It’s Adam’s act, that’s why), I will perform each of these pieces in various styles of shows I perform.
    I believe that possibly the most important thing one can get from a release like this is that it will spark your own CREATIVITY! Causing you to take this material, work with it and make it your own.
    If I had the choice between learning a trick or learning why it was done the way it was, I’d choose the latter, and this kit delivers that 10 fold!
    Kudos for putting this together!

  • by Kyle

    Sep 2018

    Ok to so for an honest review

    Good and bad

    Firstly value - it is worth every pennie ! The Himber wallet itself will set you back 60£ so it’s 100% worth the cost even at the 200$ price mark now

    Case is good quality not amazing (handle is plastic which is a bit meh) but this is literally a show in a case and that to me has never been done before in this format

    The show itself is great I haven’t used it yet but it works well AND IS MODULAR I hate people sayig it’s just copying someone else

    Act 1 is a great opener
    Act 2 is completely up to you (personally I won’t do the mind reading card effect I will add something else)
    Act 3 I love triumph and always plays well
    Act 4 anniversary Waltz great version and will keep
    Act 5 wallet watch phone modern and class
    Act 6 prediction effect funny and actually brilliant
    Act 7 I will add in something here to beef out time
    Act 8 Boston ball buster (people are moaning about faro shuffling being difficult it really isn’t and you need to do three and making a mistake and redoing it is easily built in to show how difficult this is which adds to the theme)
    Act 9 kids prediction I love it brilliant end

    This is THE best on the market and I can’t wait for a “close up show to go ;)”