The Silver Edge by Kim Andersen

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  1. Nick

    I was first concerned about the quality of these coins from what I read on another site. When I received this particular set from Ellusionist I was extremely satisfied with the quality of my set. Every single coin looks exactly the same. The video tutorial is good and provides some cool routines. Any magician who gets their hands on these coins will have a blast coming up with their own routines. I've never seen its equal.
  2. Patrick

    Despite the secret being mentioned in the ad this is going to be something you're going to have to devote some time too. I personally cannot get the skin hold out to work because my skin isn't cooperating so to remedy this I use the quiver coin holder attached to my belt and just "adjust" my shirt to receive the coins. There is a lot of great material here but you will need to practice. You will have to find certain positions that work for you in the self working goshman pinch. My problem is if the coin is too deep into my finger palm position that the pinched coin falls when rotating my hand back around. Again, this is something you will just have to overcome yourself and make it work for you . Once you do that it's beautiful routines that hit hard. Recommend this if you are up for the challenge.
  3. Russell

    I love these coins!I just wish that they were available in dollar size.