The Silver Edge by Kim Andersen

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  1. Akis

    Coins are perfect quality. The effects are nice. Kim andersen is also ok teaching. But the most important thing is that with these coins there are a ton of tricks you can do.
  2. Peter

    I am an amateur magician who is only started practicing because of people teasing me about my last name and not knowing Magic. This is the easiest by far coin magic trick to learn and requires very little concentrated practice. Not all the tricks shown in the video are extremely easy but a couple of them are unbelievably easy requiring only 10 minutes of practice. It is so easy and amazing that one of my no longer magician friends stole it from me and I have to re-order the coins.
  3. Cuenyt

    This is probably the worst purchase I’ve ever made guys. I hate to give bad reviews but the handling of the coins is not easy as they are super strong magnets. It is definitely not worth it to pay 115 Dollar for this set.
    Yup must be very careful with the coins as they can stick together at any time. The dvd is great an die I agree that he puts a lot effort in it and it might suit him. However I don’t think this is good for daily use they are a
    Other great coins Magic’s out there which I use a lot and they are reliable. Silver edge is ok but for me it was a waste of money and I hate to say that!