The Silver Edge by Kim Andersen

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  1. Jonathan

    This is excellent work. Great instruction (though a bit long). The coins are actually stronger than KREIS super mag coins. I tested them against FLUX and I get an extra inch reading with that device than my Kreis. So - the two mag coins are actually the strongest I have seen in the marketplace. Using this coin set for its intended purpose and then going into a FLUX (whioch hand) routine makes the set here even more valuable as these coins are already in play. The Flesh Holdout was mentioned by one reviewer here as not doable with these coins. I disagree. It is TOTALLY doable and this holdout with these coins is worth the price of the set many times over. It allows a totally open palm, clean hand production. Anyone who can't do this with this set is not doing it right (put less flesh into the coins - they will hold fine). The issue is they hold SO WELL there is minor clink when they are removed. You can eliminate it not by wetting as the creator discusses, but by firmly gripping with the third finger to retain the break as you pull into nowhere palm. Those who have this video will understand. For those thinking about buying it - run and do it before they are all out. This is a gem at a great price with a utility prop and superb instruction and thinking.
  2. Joseph

    The quality of the coins are outstanding and the routine is great.HOWEVER.....he could have done better in his explanation.The camera work is good too.He drops the coins several times which is awkward and not indicative of a good magician.The coins are expensive but worth it....great quality.Lots of practice and when done properly is mind-boggling.Highly recommended.
  3. RC

    These are super cool and work like a dream! I only wish they were made with silver dollars as well..even better then!
  4. Steve

    Not impressed with the Magnetic Coins. In the first routine, he uses a Flesh Hold Out (if you buy the coins and get the download you will know what that is) and the magnetic coins I received are not strong enough to do this which is actually a brilliant slight (holdout). They also barely hold through my fingers. Overall, the routines are great and he is a great instructor but the coins do not do what they are said to be able to do.
  5. Marco

    That Routine is amazing. The quality is really Good. And the tutorial is so Good and he don't speak too fast. Just amazing