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Unlike the traditional Needle Swallow, Wayne utilizes a new method which allows the volunteer to hold the string as the needle is retrieved.
The string never leaves sight.

From Coin in Soda Can to Indecent, Ellusionist has sold tens of thousands of Wayne Houchin's creations. Wayne has a unique way of thinking and his routines are the justification of the words, "perfectly executed".

Magic challenges the assumptions we have about what is or isn’t possible. Shock magic is particularly interesting in this regard because it affects a unique range of emotions, bridging the gap between magic and the impossible feat.

Unlike card tricks or coin tricks, the needle swallow is something that seems somehow.. real.

There’s a simplicity to this version of the needle swallowing that we think, surpasses all those that have come previously. One needle is swallowed, a volunteer holds a piece of thread, and essentially fishes it out. The story the audience is presented with is clear, and absolutely insane.

"Wayne's take on the classic needle swallow is smart, streamlined and powerful. It's like finding a needle in a Houchin haystack!" - Lee Asher

"Wayne Houchin is one of the most talented and effective magicians in the world. His magic simply mesmerizes and A Single Needle is no exception." - Aaron Fisher

From the age of 12 Wayne has been obsessed with Houdini’s ‘East Indian Needle Mystery’ - commonly known as ‘the needle swallow’. His first effects involved toothpicks tied to thread and the swallowing of uncooked spaghetti - but from inauspicious beginnings came the stage version he performs in his stage show, involving 60 needles over a 12 minute routine.

After closing his stage show with the full version for years, Houchin stripped the trick down in order to discover what makes needle swallowing so effective. He distilled the effect down even further, to what has become A Single Needle and knew that the effect had become an impromptu street classic.

While Wayne has made every effort to create the safest version of this effect possible, there is some risk of injury involved. Multiple methods are discussed that heighten the illusion of danger while substantially lessening the actual danger to the performer.

By purchasing and/or performing the effects on this DVD, you acknowledge that performance of any method is at your own risk.


  • Unique handling means the thread never disappears from sight.
  • No gimmicks - needle, spool and thread and you're ready to perform.
  • Multiple versions taught including a "For the Faint of Heart" method.
  • Cherries and Giant Cupcake not Included.

This is not an effect that can be missed. Order 'A Single Needle' Now.
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  1. Summary

    Tired of coin and card tricks? Learn and amaze with a WH style of visual tricks! His great teaching and tips will get you performing a single needle in no time
  2. Summary

    I've been waiting like a kid waiting for Christmas for this to come through the post, and my first thoughts? This is astounding. A very well thought out presentation, everything you do and every move you make is completely justified and the method is absolutely genius and bullet proof. If you're in two minds about getting this effect, do it! You won't be disappointed!
  3. Summary

    WH doesn't leave anything unclear with this trick. You will get great reactions
  4. Summary

    Great instruction. Wayne Houchin is one of my favorite showmen and he does not disappoint. Awesome for geek and stage or just freaking people out.
  5. Summary

    if Wayne Houchin's name is on it, it's quality, and it's great --probably the best instruction you can get without paying for lessons. WH has a story and a presentation in everything he does--there's reason for doing the effect. Single needle is no different and he spends a lot of time explaining every detail and aspect of the effect. the needle swallow was the first effect i saw a magician do when i was a child. this is a modern day application to another in a series of classic "must know" effects for today's magicians. definitely get this one.
  6. Summary

    One of my favorite effects to perform! Genius I absolutely love it. At first you will think that there is no way I'm doing that. Try it! It's easy and amazing
  7. Summary

    I really like this illusion, the set up with this is very simple, and it does not take too long to learn it and be showing it to everyone. It is very simple and i have gotten great reactions.
  8. Summary

    This is the first trick I have ever bought and I am not disappointed. The trick does take some practice but it isn't extremely difficult sleight of hand. It is also pretty safe. I recommend this. its a little over-priced but its still a really great effect.
  9. Summary

    The explanation is great, the illusion is great, the whole experience is great. You will not be disappointed.
  10. Summary

    I think that "A single needle" is the final word on sharp objects swallowing effects.

    The construction of the effect, per se, is perfect: essential, easy to follow, plays well on stage as in close up venues; the fact of swallowing a single needle and producing it makes things extremely believable (whereas eating some fifty needles might appear somehow too much to be true).

    Furthermore, the simplicity of the effect makes it suitable even for strolling or table hopping: to some spectators, swallowing effects can be quite groce, but this doesn't happen with W:H's new effect. On the contrary, it feels extremely classy and unobtrusive, and it generates an intimacy that rarely can be achieved with other similar effects.

    The method is clever and easy to master, the tutorial is W:H's style: precise, thorough, and passionate.

    The only downside I can find is that it requires loads of showmanship in order to play good on big stages (I think that small props can get big effects only indirectly, through the reaction of the helpers for example, and in order to maximise the outcome of the effect in bigger venues, a lot of experience in audience management is needed).

    I've been performing swallowing effects for the last 6 years on a weekly basis, and I introduced "A single needle" as soon as I got a chance to. So far, results have been great.
    A little tip (it's worked quite well with my audience): try "swallowing" a needle threader before going into W:H's routine... it adds a little something, and it leaves people wondering even more