Skim & M's

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From Ben Williams, the creator of best-seller OCL

Taste is a very personal thing, and nothing drags us back to childhood like our favorite pack of candy.

Imagine being able to craft any candy at your fingertips back then?

Skim & M's is Ben Williams sequel to his continual best seller OCL. Allowing you to completely transpose 2 different packets of candy with a simple wave of the hand.

TV magic for the real world. With a sprinkle of nostalgia on top.

Forget Wonka-vision...This is the trick Willy Wonka could only dream of.

- Fully Customizable.
- Self-contained gimmick.
- Hands are completely empty.
- The spectator can even EAT the candy.

Featuring almost an hour of in-depth instructions, Ben takes you by the hand and whispers all the details to performing REAL world TV magic with candy.

Hungry for more?

Devour the secret NOW.

Difficulty: Easy
Item: Shippable Gimmick
Duration: 55 minutes

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Customer Reviews

  • by Arnav

    Aug 2017

    The gimmick took quite a while to make and for me was hard to make. If you are good at arts and crafts this is a great purchase for you. If you cant even make a paper airplane then this is not for you. You will need to get a few items before making the gimmick. Once the gimmick is made the change is super visual; even in person! For 8 bucks (including shipping) this isnt too shabby.

  • by John

    Jul 2017

    This is super fun and really easy to do. The reactions on people's faces is priceless, totally worth it. You do have to make your own gimmick, but it's only less than $5 to make. Personally I have lots of fun turning everyday items into illusions. People are just lazy these days and want the easy way. I highly recommend this. Get it, practice it and you're good to go.

  • by Kevin

    Mar 2017

    This is a good effect. The visuals that occur are incredible. However, this comes with a fair bit of practice. And believe me, you will need to practice. The tutorial videos are very clear about how to make and handle the gimmick, but it will take a fair bit time in front of the mirror before you feel comfortable performing this. I find that a quick flashy change is better than a slow change (but that is just my opinion).
    Overall this is a good product and the instructions are very clear. I would definitely recommend it for people who do stage or social media magic.