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The performer talks about the damage wreaked by Tornadoes, then proceeds to demonstrate the impossible force generated by a real Tornado.

Everything necessary to perform SLAM is included with purchase. The precision-made coins and the written instructions are shipped directly to your door, and you can be learning and performing in no time.

Shipped in the specially-designed SLAM prescription bottle - a package hand-made, and individually inspected for unsurpassed quality.

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  1. Summary

    Great trick especially for kids. Helps a little if you have bigger hands but doesn't matter that much.
  2. Great illusion

    Great trick and concept and easy to learn. enough said
  3. one word... WOW!

    I got this yesterday, I read the instructions and showed my dad. He was so amazed he couldn't even speak.
  4. good effect, poor quality gimmic

    When I received the gimmick, I thought something went wrong with the manufacturing of it, because it was so poorly made. It was so painfully obvious that whoever wasn't blind could immediately understand how the gimmick worked. I talked to customer service, telling them that it was extremely bad, and would like another. When I received the second gimmick, it was of the same, horrible quality gimmick.

    The trick is good, the video explaining it was clear, but such a poorly made gimmick just makes the trick worthless.
  5. Unexpected

    Nobody ever thinks of how it's done, there's just no explanation. The instructions and video shows the perfect way to do it. People are on the other side of the room wondering why you're clinking two quarters together, then they come over and see that you just merged them together. You can hand out the merged coins for everyone to see. If done right, it can be repeated and nobody will ever figure out how it's done.
  6. Easy concept, bad execution

    When I first saw the effect years ago, I had a certain idea how it was done, and when I got the video, my suspicions were confirmed. I like the simplicity of the effect, and I tried to recreate the gimmick without much success. The secret was cool.

    However, I just received my gimmick and I get the strong suspicion that this round had not been inspected as much as should have been. I compared it to an official gimmick that one of my friends had (his was a lot better) and the quality of mine is comparable to the ones I used to make at home. There was noticeable distortion in the milling at the intersection points of the coin, and they looked like they were just pulled out of someone's spare change. The worst part was that the coins intersected pretty off-center, the primary reason I threw out so many homemade gimmicks. Overall, it's a great effect, but the gimmick itself leaves much for improvement.

  7. it's just ok

    i purchased this a year or so ago, it's alright, easy to master , but the reactions aren't that great.the audience knows (including my 9 year old daughter) that it is a gimmick. I have been doing magic for 15 years now, and it is not that hard hitting effect I was looking for.
  8. INCREDIBLE get this trick

    This trick is incredible. When i ordered it i thought the coin had slots. I watched the video and it didn't have slots, I thought why didn't I think of that
  9. This effect is an awesome closer

    As soon as I saw the video for this awesome effect I HAD to have it....i went out to eat for my dads birthday and preformed SLAM for my family and our guests....the waitress watching was speechless this is truly a great effect that I learned in only a few minutes and hits HARD with the right presentation...definitely reccomended to anyone considering coin magic or any type of money or street magic...This effect is an awesome closer too.
  10. If you don't have SLAM get it!

    The Preview: I saw the coins. I saw the...nothing else. It was just coins. That was all there was. I was floored. When he said you could borrow the coins I was left breathless. Borrow the coins? That can't be right. And you can let them inspect it?!?!? Then how the???? After I watched it for the first time I couldn't believe it. I watched it a second time and was still wide-eyed. I had theories, of course, but many of them were too far-fetched to be believable. I knew immediately I HAD to have this. This was the perfect addition to my routine. I bought it almost immediately.

    The Forum: The forum is lead by none other than Travis McPherson himself. He is constantly posting thoughts on how to make SLAM better and even hints about new additions (Dang you Traviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!) There are already great thoughts from members about how to make the coins come apart and even how to spin one quarter and just hit it with the other to link it.

    The Product: SLAM is extremely well made. The look and feel of it is so incredible that NO ONE can tell how it's done. NO ONE! No matter how much they inspect they won't figure out how it's done. It's not idestructable of course. In fact, mine broke just today (a too skeptical spectator, oh well.) It may have broken but they didn't figure it out.

    The Video: In addition to the written instructions by Brad and Travis you have the option of buying the download instructional video. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION! I'M TELLING YOU NOW, YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS! Brad's teaching is as great as ever. He not only gives the moves clarification but, more importantly, he tells you how to get over the nerves it takes to do the trick, and the patter that's used to build SLAM up. Tornados, the effects of tornados, specific tornados. He talks about how researching is what makes the patter more believable and, therefore, more unbelievable. Once again, THIS IS NOT AN OPTION!

    The Performance: I recently had a perfect opportunity to perform SLAM. I'm sorry but SLAM MADE me BRAKE the magician's code. I absolutely HAD to perform it more than once. Because it's sooo easy. You borrow some quarters, put them together. Borrow some more, put those together. I must have performed SLAM fifteen times that one night. AND I NEVER GOT CAUGHT! It's just so easy. You're using their quarters so they know it CAN'T be gimmicked! Absolutely brilliant and completely undetectable.

    The Closer: If you don't have SLAM get it! If you have it, perform it! It's a definite reputation maker for any beginner and a perfect effect for a pro. I've had this for only a couple days and already it's on the top of my list. I'm NEVER going out again without my SLAM and if I do, it's because I'm not a magician anymore. To become a great at magic, you need a reputation. To get a reputation, you need SLAM. Get SLAM, or get out of here.