Sleepers V2 Insomniac

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Our goal was to transcend expectations for what cards mean to each individual.

In April 2015, we put a deck of Sleepers in hands of 10,000 people and listened to what they had to say.

It was hailed by the community as a perfect 'Cardistry' deck, with pips too abstract to perform magic tricks with.

So we went back to the drawing board and crafted brand new pips. Stripping the back design to ornamental minimalism. 

Using every line, dot and letter to it's full potential. Beauty and function colliding.

The war between Cardistry and Magic has gone on too long. Sleepers Insomniac's blur the lines between the two art forms. 

It doesn't matter if they're for sybils or swivel changes.

The real question is... why not both?

The result is a practical pack of playing cards with cardistry aesthetics.

A deck that answers every question, and tells no lies.

These are the Sleepers Insomniac Edition.

... and they could be yours.

Sleep when you're dead.


Insomnia affects 1 in 10 people, so Daniel Madison tried to stay awake for as long as possible...

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  1. Summary

    Easily the best cards I've ever owned, thin and stunning to look at and they fan like a charm! Multiple hidden secrets in this deck and you'll never get bored.
  2. Summary

    BUY THESE! I bought them a little bit after they released and they still are amazing. They fan nice and the design on it is beautiful. The designs on the box are just as nice. These are good for magic, cardistry, or anything. Get a brick before they disappear.
  3. Summary

    Recently started collecting playing card decks. Want to teach myself cardistry, sleight of hand, and what not. Now, with over 15 Ellusionist decks in my collection, I have decided to open my Sleepers Insomniac deck. Genius!!! From the intricately designed/embossed tuck box, to the pips, the court cards, the King of Spades card with the King having one eye opened and both eyes closed? (say what?) ..... 2 Ace of Spades cards, both different...... how many more mysteries will I find in this deck? Handling...... I am a beginner so really can't say..... but I do know that this deck will make me an Insomniac!!!!!
  4. Summary

    Love this deck. Handles like a dream!
  5. Summary

    The style. The feel. The reactions and all the secrets within and the power in your hands to use this deck is absolutely amazing and I love it dearly.
  6. Summary

    I really love this deck a lot and I still have the first addition. But I don't know what happened all the sudden I got a click and now it wont go away what a bummer
  7. Summary

    Where do I start with the Insomniac deck?! Well, Daniel and Oban have delivered a deck that absolutely stands out in every way and strikes a PERFECT balance in its artistry and functionality.

    I'm a big fan of, and mostly use decks for table use and which have that look. Roadhouse, Dealers, Steamboats, Aristocrat, Gold Seal, Bee, etc. Classic styles, various feels.

    So, when I first saw the deck it didn't really click....until I paused a moment and really let it sink in. The design is stark black and white, something pure and clean. The artwork is crisp...yet flows The pips are clear yet subtle. The entire deck has such a "twilight" feel to it, it's absolutely pure, stunning, and commands attention without yelling.

    The Jokers need a capital J, they are THAT brilliant. The words and thoughts chosen, how Oban weaved this so well into the whole deck flow, it really moves me, I feel connected to Oban and Daniel in some way. These thoughts are my thoughts, on the Jokers, on the Aces, put there like the deck was made for me, so I never forget those feelings. Oban is a genius and this deck really takes his talents to new heights, his design is amazing.

    I haven't even started on the card stock or finish! Perfect for cardistry, magic, or table use. Smooth yet controlled, the finish is just what I like and the stock is perfect in the flex department.

    Clearly traditional cut they Faro clean out of the box and need very little break in time.

    Daniel, E, and especially the creativity and artistic genius of Oban, thank you all for bringing this deck to life. THIS deck, the Sleepers Insomniac deck, is my new and only what I'd consider "non-traditional" deck which will be in regular use. The next few bricks will be Sleepers, that's for sure. The more I use them, the more I've absolutely fallen in love with them. Also, TWO gaffe cards included along with the Jokers, both non-typical and open some doors in that regard as well. Working on some uses and hope maybe to see how some of you use them as well!
  8. Summary

    Smooth in handling. Designs are awesome...
  9. Summary

    Smooth in handling. Designs are awesome...
  10. Summary

    Beautiful, quality cards. They feel as good as they look. Bought half a brick and will be coming back for more very soon. So good!!