Slider Double by Mike Hankins

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At your next Texas Hold'em game, take a look at your opponents' faces when you eject 3 single cards to your players in ONE throw, only to discover that each of those cards is now 2 cards (or 3, or 4, or even 5).

Great for gambling demonstrations, Slider Double is a utility move that is perfect for impressing ANYONE at the tables. Try using it for double doubles, triple doubles, double triples, triple triples, quadruple-trip-double crazy math that we can't even do.

Two Full routines (Vegas Prediction & Poker Deal) taught in detail from the demented mind of Mike Hankins.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 14 minutes
Format: Download

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  1. Summary

    This is a quick and slick move. It is a cool move, but I think that it is a bit over priced; however, this is a move that I can definitely see myself using.
  2. Summary

    cool little effect i like to do when im bored sitting at a desk or table
  3. easy and elegant.

    The slider double is a easy trick and it is cheap you should buy it . I promise you vill have a lot of fun. Thanks Mike.good trick