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  1. Summary

    Great product love it! Comes with 2 gimmicks which I hardly doubt they'll break and is very clever and easy to preform. 2 things I dislike is it doesn't come with the cigarette vanish and you cant do it too another persons pack unless u set up the gimmick in it which u will most likely have to steal the pack, go to the washroom and come back. but I love the great reactions, the smart well made gimmick, and how u can do it from an unopened pack! highly highly recommend this even to a non smoker
  2. Summary

    Got this from a friend of mine for a birthday gift. Have to say, I'm loving the gimmicks! Used this at the bar this evening & it worked out AMAZING! You can't smoke inside, so everyone was huddled up out back by the heat lamp. I came out opening my "new" pack, and saw that this chick was watching me. I took one out & put it in my mouth. Before I could even get into things, she asked if she could bum one. I said "I wish I could" - and tore up the pack & handed her the garbage. Her eyes damn near bugged out of her head!
  3. Summary

    It was really neat to use and handle, im not a smoker but I use it with others packs of cigarettes nice job.
  4. Summary

    Just got this today. The gimmicks are WAY clever! I can see the pack vanish absolutely kill in a casual performance. Go up to someone, pull out a cig, make the rest of the pack disappear - so clean!

    If I want to make the single cig disappear, using a pull will work, but being I smoke I prob will just light it up & say "I'm trying to cut back" (after showing the pack now empty).

    I highly recommend this!
  5. Summary

    Very clever gimmick, easy to use. I Recommend this for sure but only giving 3 stars due to the false advertisement. In the video it shows a single cigarette vanish and also says in the description "you place the unlit smoke into your clenched fist. Both hands are turned over and opened to show that the cigarette has disappeared." Which has nothing to do with the effect, all you get is the 'pack' vanish which is great.
  6. Summary

    This is a one of a kind product that a magician will come across rarely. I am a smoker, so the problem I had with this is that everytime I reached to smoke a cigarette they dissapeared, that is how powerful this effect is. The gimmick is self working and you will forget that you have it in your cigarette box especially if you are a smoker like me.
  7. Summary

    Nice gimmick, video is misleading they do not teach you the single cigarette vanish only the pack vanish, wish they provided the whole routine and wish the demo was not cut to pieces to make you think it's a routine purchase