Smoking for Two by Justin Miller

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The undisputed standout effect from Justin Miller’s ‘Bold Volume 2’, Smoking For Two is a torn and restored cigarette on steroids. Forget what you think you know about cigarette routines - smoking may be out of fashion, but this effect is always HOT.

An open pack of cigarettes are borrowed from a spectator, and the remaining cigarettes counted, before one is withdrawn by the spectator. The cigarette is given to the performer who begins to talk about the best way to quit smoking - and with that, the cigarette is torn in half.

However, as will power fades, sometimes you wish you could just go back in time and undo things. With a rub of the broken pieces under the elbows, the cigarette is slowly, visually, pieced back together, and handed out for inspection. There are no rips, tears or damage to the cigarette. It is completely restored.

As a kicker, the cigarette is handed back to the performer, where it promptly vanishes from his closed fist - leaving nothing but air. To be fair to the spectator who lent his cigarette, the performer reaches behind his head to pull out the vanished cigarette. The performer then reaches up and instantly splits the cigarette vertically… into two, perfectly formed, undamaged cigarettes. The spectator counts the cigarettes left in his pack - the performer has indeed created two cigarettes from one.

This is a routine that will send your spectators reeling. The singular moments of magic in this download just shouldn’t be possible - but each one makes sense in the context of the routine, and Justin weaves his way through the narrative, stitching every part seamlessly together. If you’re not yet ready to buy the entire Bold Volume 2 video, start with Smoking for Two as an appetiser. Just don’t blame us when it makes you hungry for more.

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Format: Download
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 18 Minutes
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    This is an amazing routine! I performed this at work a year ago and it is still the most talked about out of everything else i have done. Besides a great routine, you have an amazing teacher to explain it. definately worth getting!