Solved by Adam Wilber

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A mixed up cube instantly


Welcome to Solved by Adam Wilber. A highly visual cube restoration, perfect for close-up.

Requiring minimal sleight of hand, Solved perfectly aligns it's handling so the only thing left scrambled is the spectators mind.

Solved is both portable & practical and fits effortlessly in your pocket, unlike any other cube routines on the market.

Designed specifically to be recognised as the iconic puzzle, but without the need to learn difficult algorithms.

Featuring a precision gimmick, Solved is uniquely performable IN the spectators own hands. Putting magic into their palm, and letting them feel the moment of astonishment.

- Instantly examinable
- No memory work.
- No algorithms
- No hard sleights to learn.
- Performable in seconds.
- No memory work...Can't remember if we mentioned that.

Your cube magic problems have been SOLVED.

Get yours today.

NOTE: After release, we wanted to give a special mention to our friend and amazing magician Hanson Chien, who independently created an effect similar Solved for his own use. We've spoken to Hanson and wish him every success with his product, should he choose to release this in future.

Inspired by a beautiful piece in Gregory Wilson's stage act; Solved was specifically created to meet Adam's needs. We're all huge fans of Gregory's work, and although the methods are VERY different, we'd fully support you checking out Greg's too, when it hits the market.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Ed

    Mar 2018

    I really like this. Very visual. Very easy to do. I think others reviewing this are a little too critical. Much o this would fly by any lay person ( I believe) I don't think colors being opposite from one another is in the thoughts of the lay person. I wish the "What you get in the box" was more specific. You certainly get your money's worth. But I did not expect 3 shells (not mentioned "In The Box"), getting 4 cubes, and I got 2 cubes w/ M****t in them. Nice to have all the extras, But nothing mentioned on the video of what to do with them all. Also really would of been nice to put in the "extra" stuff you nd to actually make this work. And not sure why they didn't (at least 1 of them would of fit nicely ANYWHERE in the box) Now I have to go out and purchase something extra to be able to do this effect, and start playing with it. And it is not even mentioned any where in the video that you will have to go out and purchase more items to use it. But it is certainly worth the 4 stars I am giving it.

  • by William

    Feb 2018

    Great buy! You get lots of cubes and gimmicks which I liked a lot for the price of only 20$. The only problems I have are a) the gimmick isn’t the highest quality and could probably have been made better b) the angles aren’t the best either. Overall, great product from my man Adam!

  • by Jesse G

    Dec 2017

    Really clever idea. I LOVE the gimmick. It comes with 3 gimmicks, 6 mini Rubik's Cubes, and a hard box. Just buy it now for just 20 dollars. GREAT JOB ADAM WILBER.