Solved by Adam Wilber

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A mixed up cube instantly


Welcome to Solved by Adam Wilber. A highly visual cube restoration, perfect for close-up.

Requiring minimal sleight of hand, Solved perfectly aligns it's handling so the only thing left scrambled is the spectators mind.

Solved is both portable & practical and fits effortlessly in your pocket, unlike any other cube routines on the market.

Designed specifically to be recognised as the iconic puzzle, but without the need to learn difficult algorithms.

Featuring a precision gimmick, Solved is uniquely performable IN the spectators own hands. Putting magic into their palm, and letting them feel the moment of astonishment.

- Instantly examinable
- No memory work.
- No algorithms
- No hard sleights to learn.
- Performable in seconds.
- No memory work...Can't remember if we mentioned that.

Your cube magic problems have been SOLVED.

Get yours today.

NOTE: After release, we wanted to give a special mention to our friend and amazing magician Hanson Chien, who independently created an effect similar Solved for his own use. We've spoken to Hanson and wish him every success with his product, should he choose to release this in future.

Inspired by a beautiful piece in Gregory Wilson's stage act; Solved was specifically created to meet Adam's needs. We're all huge fans of Gregory's work, and although the methods are VERY different, we'd fully support you checking out Greg's too, when it hits the market.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Angela Godman

    Aug 2017

    Loved it! Easy to learn, preform anywhere

  • by Kevin

    Apr 2017

    This is a very amazing effect. The cubes and the gimmicks are very well made and the method is simple. One downside is that the gimmicked cube does look slightly different than the actual cube.

  • by Darkshot

    Feb 2017

    Great concept however the trick is pretty easily spotable...However there are other cool uses for these mini cubes but they are pretty easy to break. The only real down side is that you can spot the gimmick pretty easily but other than that it's a really cool trick