Stay Cool by Tobias Dostal


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You spend 5 days at a Magic Convention and the thing you remember most at the end of it is not that new variation of a classic pass - it’s the guy who produces a pair of sunglasses on his face and yells ‘Whooooooooo! Stay Cool Baby!’

Forget your classic pass. It’s time to go Hollywood.

In 'Stay Cool' Tobias Dostal has created the ultimate opener. A Sunglasses production that instantly establishes you as a magician, and the sheer unexpected nature of something so absurd breaks any sort of tension held by spectators instantly.

People can’t help but be both shocked and amused - something just triggers in their brain and all defences instantly go down.

But Stay Cool is more than just a production of sunglasses. Through months of refining and late nights spent with product engineers, we have developed a triple-change that delivers a one-two magic combination. The production of Green Framed Sunglasses changes to Yellow Framed Sunglasses with a wave of the hand. Another wave, and the glasses have changed to Black.

The sunglasses may immediately be handed out for inspection - but there’s really no need. Instead, finish your spectator's drink for them, yell ‘Whoooooooo! Deal with It!’ and walk out with a spring in your step. It’s easy to see why Tony Chang calls this his new favorite trick.

STORIES - Tony Chang joined us for the filming of Stay Cool in Brooklyn and had a few things to say about possibilities in performance... although we'd recommend you take his advice with a grain of salt.

COMMITMENT - The key to Stay Cool is commitment. Like anything in life, 99% of it is about the attitude you adopt. Tony has us in stitches as he explains his ideas on attitude and truly committing to your performance.

PSYCHOLOGY - Tony discusses why Stay Cool is so effective - that its kitsch, unexpected nature punches through the bubble that people hide themselves in, and allows you to develop instant rapport with your audience. The perfect combination of magic and comedy.

Tobias spends nearly an hour teaching variation after variation for the Stay Cool production, with inspiration taken from classic comic legends - everyone from Buster Keaton to Marcel Marceau.

Filmed in the Ellusionist HQ Brooklyn Studio with live performances shot during the Open-to-the-Public Studio Party, Stay Cool contains everything you need to absolutely OWN any room you walk into.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Fynn

    Dec 2016

    Great idea, poorly designed gimmick. Not worth $50.

  • by Winter

    Sep 2016

    The effect is really cool & different, but doesn't come off in person as powerfully as shown in the video. At most it gets a smirk from anyone who notices. The gimmick is low quality and part of it (used for the color change) already broke on me. Could have bought a decent pair of sunglasses for this price and gimmick'd them myself. Although it's a little convenient that the glasses provided are small, which is really needed. On the otherhand, the glasses could be better prepared with the side pieces more straight.
    I gave this a 3 star instead of 2 because Tobias' instructions are really awesome. He does a good job explaining the various methods and is a fun guy to listen to.
    In all, I think this trick isn't worth the full price, but it's a great way to open a routine if you have one. I'm always looking for something that ISN'T a card trick and can fit into very ordinary situations.......this fits nicely.

  • by Kevin Wang

    May 2016

    Great idea and awesome trick, but the quality of the material is really lacking, until a 2.0 comes out with better quality product, this might not be a good one to get, many people broke the gimmick just by playing with it.