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Dangerous and Sexy doesn't usually come in the form of a card trick. This one has it all.

Any card can be selected and can be signed by everyone in the room.

The cards are fairly shuffled. A stiletto switch blade is produced. Asking them to concentrate on their card you STAB the knife into the deck. The knife sinks into the deck impaling a stack of cards.

The knife is lifted with the stabbed card pack to reveal that the knife cut EXACTLY to the selected card.

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  1. Summary

    Kranzo has broken this illusion down very nicely and its Very simple and worth the money. Highly Recommend.
  2. Summary

    Brilliant, off the wall, visual and with easy (almost automatic) handling. Crafty method and you get to wield a knife too! I found it great fun choosing one especially for the trick (think Gothic).
    Nathan Kranzo is a treasure trove of cool ideas...
  3. Summary

    Simple, edgy, and just pure genius. The method is so clever, no one ever thinks of it. A must have.
  4. Summary

    I have great reactions for this, simple and awesome!