Stretch Cards by Duane Williams

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Heat, distort & re-shape reality and leave it permanently stretched.

One of the most powerful forms of magic is metal bending, it steps outside magic and moves into the realm of mentalism. 

The problem is, relatively few magicians use metal bending, compared to how many do cards tricks. 

Duane Williams has moved metal bending into a deck of cards. The same type of moves that are used to bend a fork, can be used on playing cards. 

Unlike a SHIFT bending fork, which costs $200, these can easily be handed out in a permanent 'bent' condition for less than $1 a piece. (Refills are 0.82 cents a piece). 

Ellusionist developed a special printing blade used in the manufacturing process that allows only us to cut this design from REAL playing card stock. What they see, feel & keep is a playing card... but stretched. 

It has NEVER been done before and cannot be immitated. 

Actually stretch a real playing card, then give it to your spectator... With no switches.

In each package you'll receive 28 gaffed pre-stretched cards. But you will need a normal red Cohorts deck already to be able to perform it. 

Heat, distort & re-shape reality and leave it permanently stretched.


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  1. Luis

    Before I explain how incredible this trick is to perform, I first have to fill you in on my thoughts on Ellusionist as a whole. I have been into the art of magic for more than 15 years now. I still remember watching Ninja 1 and Ninja 2, and being blown away at the production level of these tutorials, in the year 2005, Ellusionist was literally the first company to ever make tutorial videos like this.

    Everything before Brad Christian, in my opinion, was excessive, but not entertaining, dense, but with too much "fluff". No creative angles. Too many linguitic terms from the magic community without detailed explanations. The production level was too boring to keep you wanting to learn. Too dry.

    Ellusionist was the first company to truly make tutorials that were not only densely packed with secrets, but made in such a way that you didn't need prior knowledge in the field to follow. Brad knew what the scene was missing: high production magic tutorial DVDs and custom cards. He chose to invest into the perception of his brand, he chose to include beautiful women, incrediblely entertaining angles, music, and environments - went beyond what was necessary to instruct to help the viewer become visiually attracted to the brand, and thus, incentivize the user to keep rewatching and mastering the courses. I could never watch a pre-Ellusionist video without getting bored. I can rewatch the classic Ellusionist DVD library over and over again, and still relearn moves I had forgotten.

    With that being said, the instructional video that comes with Stretch Cards is not a Brad Christian tutorial, but it was explained well and effectively. Duane Williams even goes over multiple ways to reveal the prestige section of the trick. He is a genius to have brought this classic coin effect into the world of card magic. I am primarily a card magician, everything I study revolves around a pack of playing cards. Let me say this right here and get it over with: Stretch Cards is one of the MOST visually stimulating card effects to EVER exist. I lead with an ambitious card routine and end with Stretch Card and NO ONE ever sees it coming. The fact that your spectator walks away with an impossible souvenir seals this trick as top tier. The effect is so powerfully new to the mainstream eye that it can be used alongside pick up artistry. I have performed this trick to random women, and every single one of them has asked for my number, or reciprocated interest and given me their number. The wonder that it creates in the mind of the spectator is so powerful, so stimulating, that the memory it leaves behind leaves you glowing with an enigma of mystery and curiosity that is irresistible to the opposite sex. Stretch Cards, when performed at the end of a card routine effectively and in a timely, paced manner, is one of the most memorable experiences your spectators will ever witness with a deck of cards. I literally just ordered 12 packs of Stretch Cards and 12 packs of the Red Cohorts V2s to ensure a lifetime supply of performances. 11/10. The greatest outro to an ambitious card routine, period.
  2. John

    These cards are a fun and impossible souvenir! They really do look like they're being stretched right in front of the spectator. Although it's pointless if you don't have a regular red Cohorts deck. Even though the instructions say it comes with one, mine did not since apparently they are sold out. Fortunately I was able to order one from Amazon, but I feel like I should have gotten a credit or something from Ellusionist.
  3. sam

    Fantastic product!
    Duane explains the trick very well and explains different variation of the proformance.
    Definitely worth the price and very simple to perform.
    Priceless reaction from people and you can give them nice souvenir at the end of the performance.
  4. Summary

    I went through the video: Pretty good.
    Then practiced and thought "Wow this is going to be a challenge".

    I went to a gig and performed it.
    No worries.
    No issues.
    Just an amazing trick that totally WOW'd Everyone.
    I do give them out for the clients.
    I'll be purchasing more decks.
    AND the decks are really nice.
  5. Summary

    This is a killer effect! Pure genius! The reactions you get using these cards is amazing. Just performing this routine without the spectator signing the card is powerful, then adding the signature on top of that is absolutely astounding. This is a must have for all workers, hobbyist... everyone. This is definitely worth the money.
  6. Summary

    I used the stretch cards today for the first time at the restaraunt I work at. I do a red hot mama with a card to wallet kicker - and now I use the stretch cards - and the looks on people's faces as they watch the card stretch - is worth the price of the trick alone! This is definitely a worthwhile give away! Find a way to use it to make an impression!