Stretching The Truth by Tim Gabrielson

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Stretching the Truth

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NOTE: The LITE version comes with the gimmicks but will require additional purchases of some items from a stationary store. The PRO version of this effect is a little more expensive but comes with everything you need to be able to perform this effect.

Stretching the Truth is a hilariously unique way to get yourself out of hot water.

People love to watch a magician fail on stage, but what they love more is when they think you've failed and then end-up being COMPLETELY FOOLED.

With Stretching The Truth, an audience member selects an animal, and you draw a prediction. A burst of awkward laughter falls over the audience… your prediction was less than accurate. Once they reveal their animal… Giraffe. A neck sprouts out from the original drawing and starts to grow, visually becoming the selection, permanently drawn in ink.

  • Re-sets almost instantly
  • No expensive refills
  • Uses materials found at any local store
  • Fully scripted
  • Overflowing with one liners and visuals
  • Pack smalls- bring it to any gig
  • Includes sixty minute DVD
  • All the materials needed to get started

Stretching the Truth is a 7-10 minute stand-up magic routine, that is overflowing with hilarious lines and visuals. This is an easy to do effect that keeps the audience rolling, and waiting for what happens next, just when they think they’ve stumped you the real magic kicks in and blows them out of the water.

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