Stun Gum by Johnny Kang

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Fill an empty pack of gum with the wave of a hand.

The best magic comes when they least expect it. Using everyday, ordinary objects… Especially a pack of gum.

StunGum from Johnny Kang is a visual miracle in your back pocket. Showing an empty pack of chewing gum you slowly pass your hand in front of the bottom layer filling the cardboard with a row of sealed bubble gum. Then with a flick of the pack, you visually stock the top layer in the blink of an eye.

StunGum comes with:

  • StunGum DVD
  • All the materials you need to get started
  • StunGum course taught by Johnny Kang himself

This effect can be performed anywhere in the world, as you will be shown how to gimmick any pack of gum to perform StunGum. Johnny Kang will then take you step by step through the routine he uses to perform this instant classic, ensuring your performance of StunGum is smooth like butter.

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