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The Sultan. Once the most powerful man in the known world.  A Commander. A Ruler. A God King. It was at the Sultan's behest that the Republic rose. Altruistic and philanthropic, the Sultan now shares his wealth with his people.

We searched out to capture the majesty of the Sultan, of the treasures he amassed, and the stories of a simpler time.  Over 8 months in the making, lead designer Mike Clarke spent countless hours finessing the design of everything from the curlicues on the box flap to the muted red lines of the herringboned hearts, delivering the perfect balance of form and function throughout.

Printed on the finest stock the US Playing Card company has to offer, the pulp fibres have been specially compressed to offer the utmost in durability whilst achieving a thinner card with a pleasing snap. Layered with Ellusionist's own Performance Coating finish, the Sultan Republic is quite possibly the best deck we have ever made. But don't take our word for it - try them out for yourself.

'The Sultan Republic Deck has been the most difficult, most detailed deck we've ever tried to make.' - US Playing Card Co.

'These feel as beautiful as they look... by far Ellusionist's best deck yet." - Daniel Madison

  • 6 months for USPC to wrap their heads around all the foil on this box. Shiny and glorious.
  • Fully Detailed Box Embossing
  • Ellusionist's own Performance Coating Finish
  • Clean, Distinguished design by Mike Clarke
  • Custom Herringboned Pips.
  • 8 months in the making.

Combine what you find on one of the cards in the Sultan Deck with the strange images in the sand seen on Facebook to be the first to discover something major and rare.

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  1. Summary

    Absolutely exquisite design, it is so beautiful! The embossing on the box is gorgeous and each and every card has subtle variations that set it apart from a normal deck.
  2. Summary

    Everything about this deck is just amazing. The color scheme, the performance and the durability. One of my favorite decks. Don't hesitate because of the slightly higher price, trust me the extra buck is worth it!!!
  3. Summary

    I thought that this looked like a great deck, so i bought it from another seller (due to the fact that they don't sell them anymore.) I didn't expect to like them as much as I do. The box is amazing and is probably one of the best deck boxes I have ever seen in person. The cards are completely custom. From the pips to the index numbers. I love this deck and would suggest getting it if you can. I need more of these because I feel guilty opening this deck without having another one.
  4. Summary

    My first custom deck (the other being Viper Tally Ho Fan backs).

    I really love the design of the tuck box. The foiling is just amazing! What really pushed me to buy this deck though was the trailer. The presentation with the music was really well done, showcasing the foiling shining in the sun and from various angles of light. The box really looked elegant.

    I really love the cards for it's customizations. Muted maroon-red with half the pips in a textured design, the navy blue back.. just wow.

    A note about this deck: You may not want to use this in a game, especially ones that require color recognition. The diamonds and hearts can be a bit difficult to distinguish for players not used to the deck, which can bring up some problems.

    For magic, color changes won't be as pronounced. The work-around would be to change between two very different cards (i.e. a low number card to any high number card, or any number card into a court card, etc...) so long as you can force them.

    This deck, being Sultan Republic, brought to mind Egypt or Aladdin - essentially the desert. The design looked like it could be used for a luxurious rug. I hope the next deck in the series will continue the elegance and style similar to this one and follow the theme of a culture/country.
  5. Summary

    I managed to get a few of these decks from other places. The box is just beauty beyond words! I like the special design pips very much. The only downside is its out of stock!!!
  6. Summary

    Great cards, they have an amazing feel but best of all the design is great. They take classic hieroglyphic style and put a modern twist on it. The color of the cards is a deep navy which is not seen often on cards. good looking cards that are needed in every collection.
  7. Summary

    WOW WOW WOW WOW!! The #1 deck that Ellusionist has put out. The cards (but especially the box) are simply astonishing... BUY NOW!!!!
  8. Summary

    I am really upset that these cards can not be made anymore. I would like to purchase more of them because of how cool they look. E outdid themselves with this deck.

    **ELLUSIONIST RESPONSE** The Sultan Republic deck is currently being redesigned.
  9. Summary

    Everything from the cards to the box is perfect! Handling superb,design fantastic. Now we just have to wait for v2s if there ever are any!
  10. Summary

    Apart from the great cards, this exceptional deck has the most beautiful box ever made!