Super Bee Wax (DELUXE) by Uday

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 Super Bee Wax (DELUXE) by Uday
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  1. Summary

    Works great! It's not overly sticky to where it leaves a bunch of residue.
  2. Summary

    Great product, I still have a container from a couple of years back. A three dollar investment that last multiple years. Win Win.
  3. Summary

    This the best wax I have used. Very soft and easy to use. Yes great for all applications.
  4. Summary

    Card on the Ceiling is just one of the many uses for this Wax!! I've been in some serious need of Wax and when i got the email that it was back in stock i quickly ordered it. So many creative things you can use this for. I'd give this like 3000000+ Stars :)
  5. Really good

    Its awesome! There is SO much of the stuff in the pot thyat your not gonna run out very quickly...
  6. As advertised

    Great stuff -- can be used in all kinds of tricks. Holds up well and is easy to carry in the tub it comes in.
  7. wax

    what does it do and does it come with instructions so i know how to use it?
  8. it is sooooo goood

  9. awesome

    at first i thought this cant be used with invisable string but it defently could be used for almost any thing and not just for the card on the ceiling!
  10. GREAT

    This product is a great product to have for tran and the pen i just wish i could find where to find the wax balls already made in the can that you guys used to have on line butgeat to have thanks a million easy and smooth to use.