SvenPads® by Brett Barry (Pack of 3)

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3 individual Sven Pads + Downloadable Video
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IMPORTANT! Everything you see in the trailer has been achieved with SvenPads®, and we'll teach you how to get performances to look that clean in 1 hour of extensive tuition.


SvenPads allow you to read anyone's mind, with 100% accuracy. 

- No sleight of hand.
- No peeking.
- Feels like a completely free choice.

These precision engineered gimmicks make everything virtually self-working... Seriously, you just need a spectator with thumbs and you've got yourself a miracle.

For years, TV Magicians from around the world have been using SvenPads® to display authentic mind-reading. They are the most versatile mentalism prop known to man.

The best part is that each pad is fully customizable. Reveal cities, star signs, names... ANYTHING.

Everything you see in the trailer has been achieved with Sven Pads, and we'll teach you how to get performances that look that clean in 1 hour of extensive tuition. 

Individually built by the creator Brett Barry to ensure the highest quality, the original SvenPads® give you god-like abilities. 

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NOTE: Each order receives 3 Sven Pad Gimmicks allowing you to customize for more than one force word. 

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  1. Summary

    Like many others, I had been making my own pads, with varying amounts of success for years. Even with extreme attention and careful cutting, my results would never stand the scrutiny that Brett's pads have allowed. Not to mention, locating an innocent pad, that had paper that would not easily show bleed from adjacent pages was not easy. For a very fair price, Brett has made a complete line of force pads, that suit every situation that I could imagine. His customer service, and attention to customers' comments is second to no one. His Facebook forum has allowed performers world-wide to share and exchange ideas, suggestions and routines.
  2. Summary

    This is a great product.

    The prop is merely the vehicle - You are the navigator.

    Think not what the prop can do for you but what YOU can do with it. There's so many possibilities with something like this.

    I can't wait to see what some of you guys create utilising this.