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For almost a century, 'The Expert At The Card Table' has been considered indispensable to attaining the highest level of card mastery. Recognised as the go-to text on deception with a deck of cards.

The search for the elusive author has led us to 12 men who could carry the burden of the world's greatest cheater.

One mystery gave birth to a myriad of authors, fans and obsessives. We aren't sure which we are.

It's speculated that it's simply an anagram of E. S. Andrews. Others say that it was Herbert Lee Andrews creating an anagram from his wife Emma's name. Some say it was a Chicago Railroad worker, and others choose to believe it was printer Harry S. Thompson covering his tracks.

The truth we choose to believe is that S. W. Erdnase is a lifestyle, for those who want to keep their addiction hidden. To not let the world know how devious they are.

Your SWE deck promotes this. It won't tell anyone of your indiscretions. If you choose to cheat your friends or your enemies...that's your business.

This all started as a fitting tribute to magic's most famous stranger, and a friend to us all.

Decks are a dime a dozen, but tributes carry sentiment that hide between the fibers of the paper, and aren't damaged by harsh shuffles and sloppy shifts.


Featured on the back is a true-color replica of Erdnase's green book. With the influential green spread across the court cards in the deck. Most of whom are new faces, and Experts in their own fields.

The finish is customised, smooth and time-honored. With production humidity, ink weight and storage researched with as much care and attention as the card table artifice from the book.

Anyone with a deck of cards and passion can be Erdnase, Erdnase is an idea... and we'll never truly prove who he was. So I guess it's up to you. You're the expert now.


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  1. Ty

    A hidden gem, Just like their namesake. I have been in Magic 4 decades now professionally...actually Magic 1/Mentalism Hyp. 3., always keeping my pulse on the magic community. As such, I mostly avoided using playing cards in my work, especially those special types which screams magic.

    Having said that, I have always had a passion for gambling routines, for my own entertainment, as well as that of close friends.

    These cards are just a work of art and a treasure for any collector. I intend on picking up a few more before they run out. Not to mention they match my auto. I do, however, wish they released one of these with a stripper setup. They would be worth their weight in gold to me. I would love them on the Knights too, (just in the off event, staff read this.)
  2. Summary

    I've got a thing for Erdnase items, so this deck is great for me. I love the graphics on faces and backs and this deck feel like true quality cards. One thing, though, it's a little stiff for my taste. I've been breaking in the deck a couple of times now, doing riffles and springs, but the cards stay stiff. If you like stiff cards, this will be a great deck, I'm sure, but I rather have the more springy, lighter handling type of cards, like the Rounders and the Artifice. But that's my personal taste, of course.
  3. Summary

    Amazing deck. I've had it almost a month now and they still handle fabulously. Along with the gorgeous design
  4. Summary

    I love these decks, the King of Diamonds and the jokers can be combined to make an astounding routine...
  5. Summary

    This deck of cards is simply amazing, they look incredibly sophisticated in a spread and fan and handle well. The tick box is very nice, if you haven't picked up one of these, I recommend that you do.
  6. Summary

    One of my favorites. Great story behind the deck. A goal to live up to as well
  7. Summary

    The story behind these cards is nice, but the design isn't my favorite. Still nice though.
  8. Summary

    Simple design. Not my favorite because of this. There are perks of this such as it's history. I like them.
  9. Summary

    These cards are some of the best that I own. They're sleek, feel great, lovely minimalist design. I'd definitely recommend these.
  10. Summary

    This is a fine deck. Looks great handles really nice and of course the classic Expert design is awesome. Will probably order more.