Swiss Manoeuvre by Cody Nottingham

Downloadable Video
Taking it's name from the Swiss Army knife, this card magic manoeuvre gives you a multi-tool of sleights, all tucked neatly into one kick-ass move. Ready for you to flick out and use at ANY time.

Cody Nottingham returns to set a new standard in utlity moves, arming you with a move that houses numerous applications for use in your war against boring card magic.

• Multiple shift
• Reversal
• Hold Out
• Control
• Color Change

Arm yourself. Download today.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 31 Minutes

Customer Reviews

  • by 이기태 (Yi)

    Oct 2017

    I am using a translator.
    This technique is not difficult if you have a magic career.
    However, the angle limit is a little too heavily
    The lecture teaches the magic using this technique, but I did not like it very much.
    but, l love it because this technique is fun!