T-1000 by Nemo & Hanson Chien

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NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand, T-1000 has SOLD OUT on Pre-order, then again on Pre-PRE-order, so we've opened it up to a 3rd round of pre-orders called 'the pre-pre-PRE-order' that will ship during March. If you want one, get yours reserved TODAY. 

Pre-order customers (Orders before January 31st) - Estimated Shipping Feb 5th 

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Pull a solid metal band straight through another. 

No sleights, no weird grips, no cover - pull it straight through.

There's a reason magicians and audiences gravitate to tricks like linking rings and crazy man's handcuffs. Simplicity is power.

No explanation needed. The spectator knows that it shouldn't be possible, so when it happens, it's MAGIC.

T-1000 is:

  • Visual
  • Practical
  • Has Zero Angle Issues

The beautifully-machined gimmicks can pass through each other, rubberbands, pens, fingers, bills and other similar objects. A flawless penetration. They see nothing.

With expert tuition with closed captions by Nemo, T-1000 is a melee on the senses.

Pre-order T-1000 TODAY.


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  1. John

    This is a great visual, well packaged, easy to preform. Would give it 5 stars if the tutorial was in English and the chains were a bit longer so they could be stored around your wrist, as was suggested.
  2. Ricky

    I was lucky and received one of the first T-1000s, I seen the trailer from the email Ellusionist sent me and after watching the trailer and seeing the price I was very skeptical because of what I was seeing couldn't be this cheap. This thing is incredible!!! It's packaged very nice and safe for storing when not in use (but trust me you'll be using this a lot) The instructions are hard to follow because the sub-titles are going pretty fast but just pay attention to the handling. Be careful of the angles you use when you pull on the bracelets, when you get the angles perfected the possibilities are endless. This thing blows my mind just practicing. Can't wait for the video Ellusionist is putting out with other handlings and seeing what I can create. Thank you Nemo and Hanson Chien and Ellusionist. FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!!
  3. Summary

    Gee, this is good. Over the past 50 or so years I've bought a LOT of magic--some good, some not so good--and this is thoughtful, professionally-made, and works just like you see in the videos. Yes, there are audience-management issues (which there are for most effects) and some handling things you need to learn, and you need to practice, but T-1000 REALLY looks like solid-through-solid. It's magic.