TacTics by J.T. Chalatsis

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TacTics by J.T. Chalatsis is a visual array of trickery with Tic Tacs.

A minty fresh approach to the fundamentals of magic with everyday objects.

The breakout effect on this project teaches you to penetrate an empty container with a tic tac... IN THE SPECTATORS HAND.

It doesn't get more powerful than that. They're holding it and then it's trapped inside.

Visuals like that are usually computer generated.

The beauty is, you can let them EAT it. You end completely clean in most routines.

- Penetrate the plastic box
- Transpose different flavours
- Produce a GIANT tic-tac
- Color Changes
& Much much more...

Includes Special Bonus Effect by Geraint Clarke - Turn a White tic tac Orange in their hand, then let them eat it. It's REAL. 

Handmade in the USA by Ellusionist's in-house prop makers, each gimmick is precision-made with incredible accuracy.

A full close-up set in your pocket.

Equip yourself TODAY.

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  1. Summary

    The effects are nice and I really like them, however where I have issue is the quality control. My set came without a piece that is required to do any of the effects and the other gimmicks were sticky to the touch for some reason not related to the effect. and the packaging left me a bit cold as it was smaller than the big tictac depth wise. So the box was pushed out. It had the link to the instructions printed on the lip but it was cut off by the rounded edges. And when I typed them in they didn't work. Had I not bought this direct from E, I would not know what to do with it. The effects are worth it, and I hope mine was just a bunch of flaws that happened all at once.
  2. Summary

    Bad Ass, Finaly someone did it right. This is as good as it's going to get. So if you have any complaints with this one. You should not be messing with illusions. So many have strived to step forward in this plot but have all fell short till now. Hats off to JT AND ELLUSIONIST for bringing it.
  3. Summary

    Love the trick, especially the bonus effects, but the gimmick that it comes with is larger than the one he uses, making the trick a little harder to do–still relatively easy to perform though.
  4. Summary

    Simplicity at its finest... All YOU need to get is the tic tac container and Ellusionist handles the rest. I would highly recommend this to any magician who either isn't comfortable doing cards or wants something knew. This is something anybody can do as well.
  5. Summary

    I would give this more stars, but the quality of the gimmick is atrocious. The tic tacs do not look or feel like the real thing, and lint sticks to them like crazy . The videos and instruction, however, are top notch.
  6. Summary

    Just Awesome