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Enter the Viper... black, reverse-image playing cards with a buffed, metallic SILVER finish. The Viper injects elegance and forceful authority into a deck that was already spectacular.

The technologically advanced Air Cushion Finish makes handling these cards a breeze and pure joy.

We've taken the standard Tally-Ho deck and improved the look, design and feel.

With the help of the USPCC, Ellusionist has produced one of the best looking and best feeling decks of cards available. Quality control experts at USPCC sat down and went over the production process of the Tally-Ho Viper in order to find out how to improve on the quality of the final product.

The results of that meeting produced the finest cards available to consumers. Thick stock resulting in a crisp clean snap to each card. Our Air Cushion finish with a smooth-as-silk feel, allow these cards to fan and be manipulated freely and easily.

And finally a beautiful new look. It's time to go metallic.

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  1. ...these cards are awesome.

    I did a riffle pass and bent about 1/4 of the deck at around a 45 degree angle, and with a few flicks, they were virtually flattened out again! Whatever it is, the UV Finish or tat special Ellusionist something, these cards are awesome.
  2. Awesome cards!

    Awesome cards! Mine came today, and I was amazed! Not only to find that they made it to the East Coast in 3 days (Priority Mail), but the cards themselves are like a dream. The fresh ink never smelled better! I never liked the idea of the red pipped cards on the Tigers, but on the Vipers, they look wonderful! The silver is 100% better than the white that was on the Tigers. They literally shine.
  3. I was almost sad when I shuffled them for the first time.

    I was almost sad when I shuffled them for the first time.
  4. Feels like a professional

    Feels like a professional, casino-quality stack of card handling gold.
  5. it just seems to demand "First Class"

    The Black Vipers seem to demand a certain level of elegance ... it just seems to demand "First Class"