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We've taken the standard Tally-Ho deck and improved the look, design and feel.

With the help of the USPCC, Ellusionist has produced one of the best looking and best feeling decks of cards available. Quality control experts at USPCC sat down and went over the production process of the Tally-Ho Viper in order to find out how to improve on the quality of the final product.

The results of that meeting produced the finest cards available to consumers. Thick stock resulting in a crisp clean snap to each card. The Air Cushion finish with a smooth-as-silk feel, allows these cards to fan and be manipulated freely and easily.

And finally a beautiful new look. It's time to go metallic.

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  1. Summary

    i was really surprised by this deck! i just ordered the tally ho because it was the only no gimmicked deck i didn't have from ellusionist... but i was really surprised about it! its really god and looks amazing in fans! and fans and spread really nice. i loved the deck and its also the first deck i managed to make a okay pharo shuffle with! the back design looks amazing and the deck overal is great!
  2. Summary

    This deck its a piece of art, simply amazing, very nice finish i like it a lot. The only thing that i could complain about its the edge finish, its a little rough. Eventhough still in my favorite top 5 decks. 9.9/10
  3. Summary

    I know why I got a free deck of these, because once you use them you are hooked.
  4. Summary

    i DON'T usually choose black decks, as i use all my decks in performance, but this is my favorite black deck. A very smooth finish. Nice one.
  5. Elegant

    I've had a few "special" decks before, and the thrill generally wore off pretty quickly. The black and silver of the fan backed viper deck is really subtly beautiful. On top of that, they HANDLE really well, just like a standard Tally Ho deck does.
  6. Made for your hands!

    They're so smooth and easy to handle cards, its a wonder why ive been so sheltered from these cards!

    These cards are very nice. I don't know about $8 nice, but I received a deck free with my How To Do Street Magic package, so I'm liking them.
  8. they are so smooth!!

    amazing amazing just amazing cards
  9. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got this deck for flourishing. They are amazing for it with its UV500 Air flow finish.
  10. The deck of snakes

    My friend bought this deck before summer and i get to use it at the end of school. it glides like butter. the back design are awesome, i like the circle back but thats up to you to choose.i don't know if it also have the linoid finish but the box said UV 500 airflow finish. I like it so much that i decided to get one in the summer holiday.