Tally-Ho Viper Playing Cards

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We've taken the standard Tally-Ho deck and improved the look, design and feel.

With the help of the USPCC, Ellusionist has produced one of the best looking and best feeling decks of cards available. Quality control experts at USPCC sat down and went over the production process of the Tally-Ho Viper in order to find out how to improve on the quality of the final product.

The results of that meeting produced the finest cards available to consumers. Thick stock resulting in a crisp clean snap to each card. The Air Cushion finish with a smooth-as-silk feel, allows these cards to fan and be manipulated freely and easily.

And finally a beautiful new look. It's time to go metallic.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Just Awesome!

    I loved the black tiger deck when i first got it not just because of its looks because it handeled AMAZIG!. now these decks come out and they look equally amazing with the same finish as the black tiger deck and i absolutely love it! its just great.
  2. Nice handling deck

    Holy cow that is a nice ace of spades!
  3. Great deck of cards by ellusionist

    Good to perform with!
  4. They handle so well!

    Definitely recommend
  5. sweet @$$ cards!!

    these cards are so neat. totally getting more of these!!
  6. Ok.. but not the best

    When i got these cards they fanned beautiful, but after the first hour they started to stick together in 4-7 card blocks when fanning. Tiger deck is still my favorite
  7. They are ok, not great ,but ok.

    These cards fan and handle well ,but I got these because everyone says they spring easier and handle great and they do.Yet everyone says they last long then Bicycle Decks and I say otherwise.These cards last just as long.The pis on the fan backs should be colored in but rent so it loses its impact on people. And the cards are suppose to be silver? They box is that's for sure but as for the cards they look more flat gray on the backs.In short they are great for handling but not what I expected. I still prefer the Ghost Deck.
  8. Exceptionally smooth

    I got this deck for free with HTDSM and I thought it wouldn't be that good. Of course when I opened the bok i was wrong. These cards are exceptionally smooth. They fanned like butter right out of the box. I think that xcm'ers would REALLY love this deck!

    cards handle like butter wich is awesome
  10. Best cards I ever used

    These cards come out of the box almost feeling too firm. But once they've been used a bit they handle great. Ive been using the same deck daily for several months without a clip and it's still in perfect condition. The look great, handle great and last a long time, you can't ask for more.