Tally Ho Viper Stripper Decks

Tally Ho Viper Stripper Decks

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Things you can do with your Viper Stripper Deck:

  • Locate the Aces instantly, even after the deck is shuffled
  • Use it to control a card instantly to the top or bottom of the deck.
  • Set the deck up ahead of time and be able to INSTANTLY separate red from black cards
  • Be able to cut to any predicted card.

A simple trick deck in one person's hands may become a devastating weapon in the hands of another

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  1. Summary

    This deck is an amazing deck. It feels smooth and it is a great trick. The deck is truly great and the next time they restock im buying alot more.

    **NOTE FROM E** This product is discontinued and will not be restocked
  2. Love it

    Love this deck my first order and it is one awesome deck :)
  3. Eye Opener

    My 1st perchase on E I think, & I still have this deck in my bag of tricks!!