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Our final effect from Justin Miller before we release The Bold Project, Tandem is clean, direct and astonishing coin transposition under almost ‘hands-off’ conditions.

A coin is signed by a spectator and held securely in their outstretched hand. A second coin is signed by the magician and inserted under the cellophane of a pack of cards. With a wave of the hand the magician’s initial disappear off the coin from under the wrapper.

The coin is pulled out, and turned over - to reveal the spectator’s signature on the other side. The spectator naturally opens their hand to reveal the magician’s initials - their signed coin has indeed changed places from within their closed fist.

Justin wanted to create an effect that could be performed as equally to a camera as it could on the street - and with Tandem, he’s absolutely nailed it.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Beginner
Runtime: 16 Minutes
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  1. Summary

    Great easy trick. you will be performing it within half hour. it may require one item that u might have to purchase or have around the house! a killer easy effect must have from JM
  2. Summary

    Tandem is a coin transposition that is all dressed up and looking like MAGIC, and it's the kind of effect that provokes gasps from people, and it seems too much to ask that it is easy to do, but it really is easy.
    Watch the video of Justin Miller performing Tandem and try to figure it out, like I did, and like me you will not come close. There is a technique that just makes it fun, and when you learn that technique you will smile.

    Well worth the little bit of money I paid.
  3. Summary

    This is such a strong effect and is super easy and simple to perform.
  4. Summary

    This trick is absolutely the best coin transpo I've ever used to date. It is stunningly visual and I haven't gotten a dull reaction yet, and never will. This is the perfect trick for what you get, how EASY it is, and the reputation you will gain from it. I HIGHLY suggest purchasing this!
  5. Summary

    Such a great effect. So very easy and gets great reactions. You will not be disappointed.
  6. Summary

    Never has a coin transposition existed with this kind of impact on your spectator. The final moments when the spectator sees the coins actually switch has the same effect of vanishing an elephant from a parking lot. There is just no explanation, I perform this constantly and get amazing reactions! If your someone that is getting into magic and your still looking for that reputation maker this will take your magic to the next level in a huge way, and this is a must add to any magicians arsenal. Highly recommended great job JM - Mike
  7. Summary

    I absolutely love tandem. I personally am more of a card magician, but if there is a trick released by Justin Miller, I buy it. No exceptions. He's so knowledgeable and goes the extra mile when giving up the secrets of the trick. Tandem is a fantastic effect, as are all effects by Ellusionist and JM.
  8. Summary

    Love this trick. I have a lot of JM magic and this by far is my most performed. You will always get great reactions. I don't leave many reviews but this one needed it. It deserves no lower than 5 stars.
  9. Summary

    I never miss my magic with JMagic, this one also... Tandem became my favorite visual transpo today... easy and KILLER!!
  10. Summary

    I Have Been Performing Jm Stuff For A Long Time.
    This Is Easy, BrIllant, Practical, And Effective. This Is Something You'll.Actually Use. Get This, Try It On People, You'll Be Amazed At Reactions You Get.