Tandem by Justin Miller

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Our final effect from Justin Miller before we release The Bold Project, Tandem is clean, direct and astonishing coin transposition under almost ‘hands-off’ conditions.

A coin is signed by a spectator and held securely in their outstretched hand. A second coin is signed by the magician and inserted under the cellophane of a pack of cards. With a wave of the hand the magician’s initial disappear off the coin from under the wrapper.

The coin is pulled out, and turned over - to reveal the spectator’s signature on the other side. The spectator naturally opens their hand to reveal the magician’s initials - their signed coin has indeed changed places from within their closed fist.

Justin wanted to create an effect that could be performed as equally to a camera as it could on the street - and with Tandem, he’s absolutely nailed it.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Beginner
Runtime: 16 Minutes
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  1. Summary

    Very clever. JM has never let me down and this is such a nice routine. No complaints here.
  2. Summary

    Since this is my last download (from 20 effects) until E releases my THE BOLD PROJECT (2-3 DVD's) I wanted to come on here and personally thank all of you for the amazing support in purchasing my magic. I hope you all have found great homes for my crazy ideas. Tandem is a beast of a routine and it will become your favorite coin transpo to perform!
    Once again, thank you all and we cannot wait for you to see what is next from E and myself!