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Tempus is an organic number force, hidden on your phone.

Disguised as a clock app, it works like a precise 'wheel of fortune' on your device, ready to be applied to any of your mentalism routines.

It allows you to perform:

- Hands off ACAAN's
- Surefire book tests
- Precise confabulations
& much more... literally anything that requires a number.

The beauty of Tempus is that it's so hands-off, allowing for the fairest performance imaginable.

By the time you hand them your phone, the dirty work has been done and buried in an unmarked grave. There's no backtracking possible.

Customizable to multiple card stacks, times, double forces, languages and the time your force applies itself during performance, Tempus is probably more powerful than beating a number into them.

- Built-in stacks
- No memory work
- Instant Reset
- Multiple Languages (English, German, French & Spanish)

The best kept secret since Cipher is now yours.

Download Tempus.


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  1. Andre

    I just wanted to say that this is more than 5 stars, this is genius, for the price you are paying, 19 dollars, for something so flawless which literally people will have no idea how you did, and is so easy to do. This should be limited or or more than 20 dollars, this is a steal, buy it right now!
  2. Wafiy

    This app blows my mind! nuff said. highly recommended!!
  3. Christopher

    I have about a year of magic experience under my belt. I can handle sleights needed for things like ACRs fairly convincingly, and I've gotten great reactions from two card monty, triumph, and a few other classic stand bys. This has COMPLETELY changed my routine.

    I like to use my wife as a sounding board. She knows a lot of my tricks and is one of my harshest critics (by request). I know I'm doing well when I've fooled her. I did this for her three times in a row and she still couldn't figure it out. The only thing she noticed in regards to the ACAAN was that she was cutting and not shuffling, but recognized it didn't matter as it still changed the positioning of the cards.

    Strongly recommend pairing with a marked deck so you can avoid touching altogether, but using the excuse of putting the cards back in the box so I can't mess with them also works.
  4. Lorenzo

    AWESOME. That's it. If you are looking for some new good modern mentalism, you have to buy this. The app has a lot of useful content for that area. I give 4 stars instead of 5 just because, even if know that almost every Android device has its own interfaces, there's is some kind of standard, which looks very different from IOS interface. But, as he says in the video, practically no one should notice that, the app is just the mean to perform a miracle.
  5. Simon

    I think that this is the ONLY smartphone effect I will perform.
    Great work.
  6. Summary

    I love everything about it!
    There are sooooo many different possibilities and on top of that it's super easy!
  7. Bhanu

    Mind boggling app. I can't believe it. I have been playing with it all by myself and each time I am amazed. I am Making my own performance with it at the moment and will perform It for everyone. This is worth buying, so many things possible with this app. Thanks ellusionist.
  8. Geoff

    I am a 77 O.A.P. & also a magician, I have just purchased Tempus.
    I also have the brilliant Cipher but Tempus is just as good.
    I had difficulty loading Tempus but the support team from Ellusionist was brilliant, they went out of their way to help me load Tempus.
    I cannot thank them enough. And thanks for two fantastic apps.
  9. Summary

    Just another weapon to add to your phone arsenal. Hopefully the next update can add the Redford Stack, and third stop for the number function for Hour, min, second...just so we can use it with an actual watch force. Basically making anyone's watch an infinity watch. That would be awesome on top of an already awesome app!
  10. Summary

    Was Having Heaps of trouble getting it to work but the assistance and support was one of the best online support I have ever worked with