Tempus by Lloyd Barnes

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Tempus is an organic number force, hidden on your phone.

Disguised as a clock app, it works like a precise 'wheel of fortune' on your device, ready to be applied to any of your mentalism routines.

It allows you to perform:

- Hands off ACAAN's
- Surefire book tests
- Precise confabulations
& much more... literally anything that requires a number.

The beauty of Tempus is that it's so hands-off, allowing for the fairest performance imaginable.

By the time you hand them your phone, the dirty work has been done and buried in an unmarked grave. There's no backtracking possible.

Customizable to multiple card stacks, times, double forces, languages and the time your force applies itself during performance, Tempus is probably more powerful than beating a number into them.

- Built-in stacks
- No memory work
- Instant Reset
- Multiple Languages (English, German, French & Spanish)

The best kept secret since Cipher is now yours.

Download Tempus.


Customer Reviews

  • by Austin

    Dec 2018

    Recently purchased Tempus, and I have to say it surprised me how good this trick really is. Going into it I was skeptical, I didn't think that it would be practical. But at the end of the day its one of the best phone tricks I've ever seen. Now that I have it, I NEVER go without it. If you're an inspiring magician, and you want a miracle that happens completely in the spectators hands, this is the way to go.

  • by Nicholas

    Nov 2018

    Cannot fault the tempus app at all, it's simply brilliant and worth the $19.95 0r £15 pounds.
    My only complaint is the design for the Android version.
    This app is clearly designed for an iOS device.
    The Android design is lacking in imagination it's basically just white instead of black.
    The clock looks abit weird with the little world symbol on it like on my s8 plus.
    But if nobody really sees it you can get away with it.

    Having said that the add works very good.

  • by Matthew

    Nov 2018

    Awesome tool! I did a test run on my wife. She's very suspicious because she is the one I test all my new tricks on. I performed single and double card ACAAN along with a book test. She then accused my app of being the secret to the trick. At this point, as she was still holding my phone, I had her look through the app. She found nothing! Again, this was just a quick test to get a feel for the app so I didn't get elaborate with patter or misdirection like I normally would. It worked flawlessly.