Tempus by Lloyd Barnes

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Tempus is an organic number force, hidden on your phone.

Disguised as a clock app, it works like a precise 'wheel of fortune' on your device, ready to be applied to any of your mentalism routines.

It allows you to perform:

- Hands off ACAAN's
- Surefire book tests
- Precise confabulations
& much more... literally anything that requires a number.

The beauty of Tempus is that it's so hands-off, allowing for the fairest performance imaginable.

By the time you hand them your phone, the dirty work has been done and buried in an unmarked grave. There's no backtracking possible.

Customizable to multiple card stacks, times, double forces, languages and the time your force applies itself during performance, Tempus is probably more powerful than beating a number into them.

- Built-in stacks
- No memory work
- Instant Reset
- Multiple Languages (English, German, French & Spanish)

The best kept secret since Cipher is now yours.

Download Tempus.


Customer Reviews

  • by Rob

    Oct 2018

    This is a super awesome app for iOS.

    I would steer clear if you are using an Android, however. The app looks nothing like anything you'd find on an Android. It looks more like a knock off trying-to-be-iOS app. The homepage icon on Android is, unfortunately, a dead giveaway that this isn't an actual app. It's still useable, just don't let your audience see you open your "clock."

    While I'm disappointed at the Android version, I'm very happy with this app as a whole. SUPER deceptive and versatile and I will be using this often.

  • by Tim

    Oct 2018

    Great product for blending technology with magic. Always enjoy when they do this stuff. I had a small issue with the app deciding a few days later that my license key was invalid. Contacted ellusionist and they fixed the problem within half an hour maybe even less. Keep up the great work!

  • by Andy

    Oct 2018

    This is a review more about the service than the product. I had an issue with this effect rendering properly on my particular phone and contacted Illusionist. They responded quickly and immediately refunded my $. Thats why I remain a loyal customer. Thanks for the great service!