The 80/20 Control by Peter McKinnon

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Peter McKinnon loves simple. Who doesn’t? Fewer steps to achieving a goal is going to be better than taking the long way. Which is where the 80/20 control shines. A simple control that allows you to force a card and control it in a single action.

A deck is riffled and a spectator told to call stop. Their selection is shown, returned back to the deck, and the remaining cards dribbled back on top. And it’s done. Their card has been both forced, and controlled to the top of the deck. A powerful move that takes lets you focus on the magic.

Peter’s unique take on visual magic, cutting to the essence of an action and conserving movement is what makes this control so clean, so simple, and so much fun to do.

Used as a force, a control, a color change or a sleight for an inversion plot - the 80/20 control is the swiss-army knife of efficient, visual magic.

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Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 23 Minutes