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One of Daniel Madison's best kept secrets .... a monster reputation maker.

For the first time on DVD, Daniel teaches the work behind this ground-breaking effect, coupled with a host of ideas and subtleties that cement Daniel's place as one of the greatest minds in deception today.

The Advocate allows you to reveal ANY thought of playing card from anywhere within your limits at ANY given moment. The effects achievable with such a concept are only limited by your imagination.

In his first major release with Ellusionist, Daniel reveals the inner workings behind the advocate device, teaching you how to make your own out of ANY deck of cards in seconds.
With this DVD you will Master the Advocate concept and learn many effects - predictions, impossible locations and other miracles.

"Daniel, I honestly and truly wish you had developed this, shared it with me and then forgotten it yourself. Looking forward to watching you kick yourself in the ass when you suddenly realize that this was something too good to sell for so little, if at all." - Michael Weber

"You fooled the hell out of me with this! Great design with endless applications! Looking forward to watching you kick yourself in the ass when you suddenly realize that this was something too good to show Michael Weber." - Chad Long

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  1. Summary

    no doubt the the best purchase i've ever made. this is better than invisible deck in my opinion. im extremely impressed at how clever this utility is and how many applications there are. i added it to my street performance and i blew them all away. love this trick, thank you daniel.
  2. Summary

    This is an absolutely great thing. The Advocate is taught very well, and because of how it works, it's super easy to use it in your own routines, or create your own tricks with it. Definitely worth getting, no matter who you are.
  3. Summary

    The idea behind this is really good and "invisible". You can do alot of stuff with it, for example the "invisible deck" without any doubt. You can hand the deck out before and after the trick.
  4. Summary

    For the price, this is quite possibly the best purchase I have ever made. I still can't believe how easy it is to do, of course with a bit of practice, and how many things can be accomplished. I have to say, now I have the advocate, the price should almost certainly be raised.
  5. Summary

    This effect is absolutely genius. This is by faf one of my favorite effects with a normal deck of playing cards. I definitely recommend it.
  6. Summary

    When I first watched this, I thought wow. When I read the reviews, I wasn't sure. So I read all the reviews, every last one. They convinced me enough to purchase it, and I can say from the depths of my heart that it was one of the best purchases I've ever made in terms of magic.

    The method has been thought out to perfection, to leave as little suspicion as possible. The handling of this ingenious design, has been thought out to the last as to provide the most natural form, and the most comfortable appearance.

    At $24.95 this is a complete steal. To be quite honest I'm not sure why Madison decided to put this on the market, but I'm not complaining, 5/5, incredible in all aspects!
  7. Summary

    Absolutely fantastic. The possibilities with this are endless. As many others have said, one of my favorite things is being able to perform invisible deck with a normal pack of cards. And there are so many other effects you can do. The PDF download gives instruction for many tricks, but as soon as you learn how advocate works, you will be thinking of a gazillion tricks you can do with this genius thing.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely not. Because I want to keep this secret all to myself. Haha
  8. Summary

    When I first saw this, I was going to immediately buy it. However, I put it off to buy other things, and after several months, I finally broke down and bought it. I am so glad I finally bought it.
    What You Get: Imagine any awesome effect, with a borrowed deck, without having to ever handle the cards, and you have the Advocate.
    When I first started reading the PDF, I was like "eh", but once I started playing with the Advocate, it hit me what I was holding. I was holding every magic trick I had ever learned and could ever hope to learn, and it fits in your pocket.
    Everyone keeps calling this a gimmick, but I would call it a tool. It really is just a deck of cards and nothing else, and the deck is not gimmicked, in the usual sense of the word. Do not let the idea of it being a gimmick keep you from buying this.
    Don't put this off to get some other trick, because this is that other trick, and many others. For $25, this is an absolute steal, and if I was Daniel, this would have never been released.
  9. Summary

    I absolutely love this. There's almost endless possibilities with this trick. My personal favorite is doing an invisible deck routine, without a gimmick deck.
  10. Summary

    Absolutely love this effect! Simple to learn, easier to master than I thought. buy it! you wont be disappointed