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One of Daniel Madison's best kept secrets .... a monster reputation maker.

For the first time on DVD, Daniel teaches the work behind this ground-breaking effect, coupled with a host of ideas and subtleties that cement Daniel's place as one of the greatest minds in deception today.

The Advocate allows you to reveal ANY thought of playing card from anywhere within your limits at ANY given moment. The effects achievable with such a concept are only limited by your imagination.

In his first major release with Ellusionist, Daniel reveals the inner workings behind the advocate device, teaching you how to make your own out of ANY deck of cards in seconds.
With this DVD you will Master the Advocate concept and learn many effects - predictions, impossible locations and other miracles.

"Daniel, I honestly and truly wish you had developed this, shared it with me and then forgotten it yourself. Looking forward to watching you kick yourself in the ass when you suddenly realize that this was something too good to sell for so little, if at all." - Michael Weber

"You fooled the hell out of me with this! Great design with endless applications! Looking forward to watching you kick yourself in the ass when you suddenly realize that this was something too good to show Michael Weber." - Chad Long

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  1. Summary

    Defiantly worth learning. The ways to use advocate are endless. The first time I used advocate was only hours after downloading. I had a black arcane deck with the freely named card show up in purple artifice, first effect was 'wow' cut short by 'wait WTF!?. Great reactions and stunned/confused silence will be achieved with advocate. Thank you Daniel for sharing this with us.
  2. Summary

    This is definitely worth the price. Once you can do it, the possibilities are endless. Also, it's very easy to learn and perform.
  3. Summary

    This is by far the best magical utility ever. I often use it to preform invisible deck or brainwave deck routines on other magicians and let them be amazed when i show them the other side. the possibilities of this is endless and it is definitely worth the price many times over.
  4. Summary

    The advocate is one of the greatest tools in my card magic arsenal now. The DvD teaches you how to use it, and the pdf comes with countless applications and ideas for the advocate. Buy it, you won't regret.
  5. Summary

    I am extremely impressed with this. I am always skeptical before purchasing something. This is a clever idea that will take your magic to a whole new level.
  6. Summary

    This is easily my favorite item from ellusionist. I recieved it for my birthday and was doing performances with It at dinner the same day. That is how easy it is to learn. I always carry it with me wherever I go.
  7. Summary

    This is probably the best item I've ever bought on ellusionist. The way Daniel presents this is just one idea for this.
  8. Summary

    This is Madison's greatest creation to date. It's simple, but the applications and possibilities are unfathomable! You can do virtually anything with it, as long as someone names a card. Fantastic, creative, I use it every day.
  9. Summary

    One brilliant magic trick, with multiple uses, not just using a deck of cards. Easy to use, you can take it anywhere in any moment and surprise people. Really worth it, and totally underpriced.
    Thanks DM for sharing this!
  10. Summary


    The Advocate is basically limitless, once you apply it properly.

    Buy. Now.