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One of Daniel Madison's best kept secrets .... a monster reputation maker.

For the first time on DVD, Daniel teaches the work behind this ground-breaking effect, coupled with a host of ideas and subtleties that cement Daniel's place as one of the greatest minds in deception today.

The Advocate allows you to reveal ANY thought of playing card from anywhere within your limits at ANY given moment. The effects achievable with such a concept are only limited by your imagination.

In his first major release with Ellusionist, Daniel reveals the inner workings behind the advocate device, teaching you how to make your own out of ANY deck of cards in seconds.
With this DVD you will Master the Advocate concept and learn many effects - predictions, impossible locations and other miracles.

"Daniel, I honestly and truly wish you had developed this, shared it with me and then forgotten it yourself. Looking forward to watching you kick yourself in the ass when you suddenly realize that this was something too good to sell for so little, if at all." - Michael Weber

"You fooled the hell out of me with this! Great design with endless applications! Looking forward to watching you kick yourself in the ass when you suddenly realize that this was something too good to show Michael Weber." - Chad Long

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  1. Summary

    What a product! The routine we see Mr Madison doing is only one of innumerable uses, and what a stunner! Expensive but worth it!

    One thing to note, though. This is not a trick. It's a utility that makes tricks possible.
  2. Summary

    Daniel's methods never disappoint, and "The Advocate" is no exception. It's a brilliant idea and I can see myself using it everywhere; it's THAT versatile. The video is clear and the teaching second to none.

    In other words: BUY NOW.
  3. Summary

    One word: Amazing.
    This is such a simple concept that has limitless applications. Its part of my everyday routine and I never leave home without it.
    Daniel Madison's teaching explains everything so well that you instantly know what you have to do and how you have to do it.
    Amazing product that always gets great reactions.
  4. Summary

    Unbilevable effect for an unbilevable price can't believe he revealed it for so cheap! Worth every dollar!
  5. Summary

    Daniel Madison is by far one of my favorite magicians. This trick is so ingenious and yet so simple. With time and practice you can master this amazing method of revealing any freely named playing cards. Best trick I have purchased from Ellusionist. I look forward to more from D.M.
  6. Summary

    This has become my favorite card trick. The method in doing this trick is very genius and it happens so fast that people won't notice at all. It gets crazy reactions and the fact that you can make the card appear almost anywhere makes it a lot cooler. This is a must have. Even if this was 60$ I would still recommend buying it!!
  7. Summary

    So freakin' genious. This is so underpriced for what you get ! 5/5 right now !!!!
  8. Summary

    The way the card can be revealed after being called out by a spectator is very very clever, and the handling is very smooth, and requires very little technical skill, its more about being comfortable with the moves. Practice practice practice!!! This trick is a must have and the DVD explanation is amazing.
  9. Summary

    YES! (if your question is should i buy it). This so great! I brought the video, watched it, after like 5 minutes of practice, went to go do it on my dad and made him flip!
    Buy it!! Its so simple!!
  10. Summary

    This is a great trick believe me you won't be disappointed. All you need is a deck of cards. Buy this! It's an unbelievable way to take a thought of card and use it in so many multiple ways