The Approach Round Table

The Approach Round Table
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The Approach Round Table is a real-life guide to approaching spectators.

Combining the years of the real-life experience of
Adam Wilber, Justin Miller, and Duane Williams. Between the three of them, they've approached thousands of people, and have been shot down by thousands of people, and in this round table they will give you real advice on how to handle rejection and how to ensure the next person you approach will say "yes". 

This one hour and forty-minute project is a non-stop round table discussion of how these three professional magicians have tackled stage fright, self-consciousness, and rejection. Wilber, Williams, and Miller will also talk about what it is to approach, the differences of approaching at events, bars, or on the street, and how to play to your demographic. 

Let these three magicians help you skip the rejection and watch the Round Table now.