The Circle by Nadav

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Let me ask you something? 

Have you ever left your house empty-handed? No cards, no ‘special’ coins, or no crazy gimmicked wallets and someone has asked you to see a trick.


You could always reach for your phone and pull up Cipher or Tempus, or even pull off an impromptu mentalism effect. But you’re still missing that visual goodness. Not anymore.


Just reach for your ring. You’ll never be caught again.


This is The Circle. A ring magic masterclass. Packed with nine utility moves and sleights that range from beginner to difficult, that can be added to your favorite routines or made into their own. All with just ONE everyday ring.

Nadav Kapuano has been mastering these moves for years and is now ready to teach you not just how to perform these sleights, but how to achieve the level of smoothness that make these moves look like trick photography.


Nadav will take you through some of the most visual pieces of ring magic the Ellusionist team has ever seen. From penetrations, vanishes and appearances, these effects are true face-melters wrapped around your finger.


Start learning today…

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  1. Matthew

    This is my favorite purchases off ever of magic easy and simple
  2. Mark

    This is the BEST ring magic video I have seen. It was exactly what I was looking for to improve my ring magic performance. Well worth the money!
  3. George

    Love the moves and the teaching, will be using this daily just because is so fun.

    The most practical and easy and convenient ring magic ever. Thx Nadav for this!!!
  5. Antonio

    Ring magic is one of the least explored categories of close up magic. Very unfortunate since it is the impromptu visual eye candy you can carry on you every day. Based on that I thank Nadav so much! He explored the gender throughout the last couple of years and has designed some of the most fantastic and original ungimicked miracles. He is one of the most forward-thinking ring magicians in the world and I'll let you in on a little secret... He is just getting started! From what I've seen Nadav do live he is a great teacher and in this project, you will find your next favorite move. Buy this and join the ring magic community today. (BTW, stay tunned for Nadav's next upcoming projects)
  6. Ágoston

    There wasn't much new for me in this. You'll get some moves, but no routine. Actually you get 2 moves and some usage variations of these. I already use both of them, and I think most ring guys do, so the only thing I got from this, is the knowledge, that one of these moves can be developed further than my level :)
    There are some slo-mo footages shot in a way that you miss the point of the move, but for 15$ I would say this is an OK material.