The Dropbox Change by Justin Miller

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The Dropbox change is a fun, simple little card change that happens in mid-air.

A card is selected and lost in the deck. The magician turns the table on the spectator, giving them the chance to find their own card - which they invariably miss. Taking the missed card back, the magician drops the card onto the remainder of the pack - where it lands, having changed into the chosen card.

Included in this teaching is Justin's alternative to a half-pass, and a demonstration of his 'shade' for a dribble pass.

Difficulty: Intermediate.
Run Time: 6 minutes.
Format: Download.
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  1. Summary

    This one's fun to perform! In fact, get this with JM's doppelganger and you're set for a nice, clean performance.
  2. Summary

    amazing this is a great move i love this change and it is cheap
  3. Summary

    This is such a great move, and gotten great reactions. It's easy to perform and ends clean. he also teaches a half pass. For $3 its a *MUST* have! another great peace of magic by JM.