The Ghost System by Lloyd Barnes


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The Ghost System by Lloyd Barnes is a brand new principle that can be used to create breathtakingly slow visuals.

Like real life CGI, objects fade in and out of view in crystal clear detail.

Available in Blue Bicycle Rider Back, this gimmick can be applied to your current deck of cards to give you an ‘ALWAYS READY’ effect that melts your spectators face off.

  •  - Easy to do.
  •  - Resets Instantly.
  •  - Lasts a lifetime. No pesky refills.

Make coins, cards, bills or angle Z corners appear or vanish on your card box at will. In the slowest, fairest possible manner.

No trick on earth delivers the goods and takes up such little pocket space.

Get The Ghost System TODAY. 


Customer Reviews

  • by Angel L.

    Jul 2018

    I use The Ghost System this way, I use another deck of card, the spectator get one card from the deck {Force card}, then I use Tha Ghost deck to find their card {"that I don't know} with the Half dollar coin disappear - because the ghost take the coin to find their card on the deck- the coin is vanish I open the box and in the middle of the deck is the coin with the spectator card. BUMMM!!! I wish you can see the face of the people and spectator it is a great feeling.

  • by Mitchell

    Jul 2018

    I use this all the time. I bought the first batch. The color of the gimmick is perfect on mine, and although I had magicians guilt at first, It ended up being a working part of my repertoire. I only use it as an appearance(absolutely stunning) in the context of another routine though. I don't think the vanish is alllll too deceptive. Over all. I will definitely be back to buy refills.

  • by Angel L.

    Jul 2018

    I just receive the Ghost system a few days ago and I can't believe that IS so simple, direct and effective. I practice just a few hours in two day and BOY....I when out to a group of people on the park and this audience was BLOWN AWAY!!! I FALL IN LOVE WITH A GHOST!!!!!