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The app works as a standalone, but if you know how to do it with a REAL deck too, follow up the App trick by doing the same thing with a real deck. Check the real invisible deck trick here if you need one.

The new Invisible Deck App comes with interactive training built in. "Practice session" mode allows you to hone your new skills as often as needed.

Have your spectator merely take out an INVISIBLE card out of an INVISIBLE deck of cards on the iPhone. They think of any card they want. They invisibly turn their card over and place it back into the deck face down.

Using the touch capability of the phone they start sliding cards off of the deck randomly until they come across one card that is face down. In fact, they can even move that card aside and toss the rest of the deck off the screen to show that there is only ONE card face down. Double tap the single face down card in the deck... the card flips over and is shown to be the card your spectator had thought of.

You don't need to know magic to use this app. Download it now, be amazing tonight.

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  1. Summary

    This app/trick for mobile phone is FANTASTIC!
    It's quick to set up, clean, smooth; a real astonishing effect for the audience. In a word: this is magic.

    A must-have I suggest for any magician's mobile device.

  2. Summary

    I bought the app shortly after it was released on my iPod (in 2010). I recently got an iPhone and it pains me to say that it is still exactly the same. I kinda wish there were more decks to match the newer ones I have, such as the artifice decks. Other than that, I still love it. I perform it for my girlfriend often and she is still clueless to the secret. It's an amazingly easy trick that always throws people for a loop and I keep it on my phone for that reason.
  3. Summary

    great app very easy to use
  4. Summary

    great app, killer effect! It it just a little inconvenient to select the card and really hard to memorize all the combinations.
    I mean, guys, you should definitely release a new version adding the same features of Premenition app. It is so much easier to select the card at Premonition! Please do that!
  5. Summary

    This is an amazing app, however I have an iPad so it doesn't look as good, android version please!
  6. Summary

    The app does what it's supposed to do, but it's way out dated... Please update the app to fit the latest phones and give the graphics an overhaul - and maybe add some of your newer decks to the app?

    Other than that it works flawless! The only thing that makes people question it is the fact that it looks weird because of the lack of good graphics and phone screen support.
  7. Summary

    Great app. Buy it because you just need your phone and you always have that on you.
  8. Summary

    even when most of the tricks have the lenguaje limitation, this app doesn't!. Its easy to learn with the tutorial, you can make different rutines for this trick. Grate app
  9. Summary

    This is a STUNNING trick! You can do it without a deck of cards altogether if you want. It works flawlessly. You will learn it in 3 minutes and master it in 20 minutes. I only wish the back designs had more updates. Really cool. Well worth it! Of the 50+ people I've shown...only one figured out the secret. Buy this now. GREAT for parties or impromptu anywhere!
  10. Summary

    Sooo good just bought it and showed it to my parents and they went "What, how did that happen?" best magic app there is!!