Keepers Deck by Adam Wilber

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Keepers are the lighthouse and saviour to your work with cards.

Conceived by Adam Wilber and brought ashore by Oban Jones, Keepers are possibly the rider-backs of the future.

A beautifully classic design that stays quiet while your magic does the talking.

Created with the worker in mind, Keepers feel spectacular right out of the box.

Opening a standard deck is a chore. 20 minutes are instantly wasted breaking them in and smoothing the edges. A nightmare for any worker.

You want a deck to instantly feel comfortable in your hands, as an extension of you.

With stock as thin as a grain of sand, and a feel as soft as the splash of a gentle ocean wave. Keepers set a new expectation for what an everyday deck should feel like.


Designed with the most common deck in mind. The Keeper Deck is an advancement of a superb classic.

The backs color was specifically chosen to invite trust, and go un-noticed by your audiences. Perfectly complimented by the recognizable pips and faces of a standard deck, featured on the fronts.

With the only tweaks being a custom Keeper Ace of Spades and the faces of the Jack and Queen of Clubs. An everlasting tribute to the creators' beautiful Wife.

"Seek not a lighthouse, greater than the human mind"

Throw out those blunt-cut bikes. These are Keepers.

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    Design of the cards are really great! Thanks Adam wilber for creating quality content with workers in mind.
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    Ahhhhhmazing for dribbling, which is my favourite fidget thing to do when I have to be near people I don't like. If I REALLY don't like people I spring the cards, and these are great for that too. Means I have to stand up to get away from them and it's a nice springy deck so I look cool as well as being a rude witch. :)

    Not a fan of the custom court cards. They're too obvious. Could have customised them to fit the original style a little better so that people don't stop and ask why they look weird. The Jack is less obvious than the Queen.

    Also knocked off a star because there's no double backer and there's an advert card, which I see as a missed opportunity. The brand name is all over the box and the Ace of Spades already, put the advert in the bin xo