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This is a lifetime of information, acquired the hard way.

Mechanic is taught by a man who walked a fine line between death and a payday every time he picked up a deck of cards. When each move could be the difference between a five thousand dollar haul and broken ribs, you get good at using techniques proven to work... techniques that will remain undiscovered at any card table.

This DVD set is a treatise on the techniques used by Daniel Madison to put food on his table for years, as a professional card cheat caught up in the underground circles of London's criminal underbelly.

Every day and every dollar made it harder to get out of the racket he fell into - until a simple slip at the table took the decision out of his hands - and nearly cost him his life.

During the weeks in hospital Madison made the conscious decision to shift from card mechanic to Deception Artist. Now a reformed card cheat, Daniel meticulously teaches the handling, dexterity and psychology of deception with playing cards, step by step.

Over two and a half hours of invaluable advice, theory and method taught by a man in the unique position to have lived the life, each move seized from the cold school of experience.

Daniel learned the hard way so you don't have to. Add Mechanic to your cart NOW and benefit from his hard won experience.

Disclaimer: This is not a DVD on Card Tricks. This is detailed teaching of the actual skills used to illegally and unethically win money in illicit card games through the use of cheating. As study of this material has the potential to turn you into a successful card cheat, we must ask that any use of these techniques at the card table be for entertainment purposes only. Neither Daniel Madison nor Ellusionist can be held responsible for the consequences of cheating or unlawful gambling.
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  1. Summary

    This isn't a magic DVD, a lot of people said this, even Madison, and it's very true, however, that being said I would say almost everything in the DVD could be used in magic with a little creativity. Or if used to just card manipulation and not magic, the DVD works perfectly, everything is very well explained, plenty of detail. My one complaint is that there is no first person POV however with practice everything included is easy to learn and very doable, but again, a lot of practice needed, this isn't something where you learn a trick and the next day you perform it, these are sleight of hand techniques that Madison has perfected over years, so don't expect overnight miracles. If you have some time I would definitely recommend buying this, especially during the clearance sale.
  2. Summary

    If you love gambling moves, or sleights in general, get this. This is not a magic DVD, with this you will learn moves that can be used for anything. Your imagination is the limit.
    If you like Erdnase, Jason England or Steve Forte, you NEED to get this. It is a great addition to any collection and you will learn a modern view (Daniel's view and style) for classic moves.
  3. Summary

    Mechanic is totally unique. There's nothing like it on the market. Yes, you can learn everything on this DVD from other, cheaper books and DVDs, but none of them will be able to teach you like Daniel. Mechanic stands apart from anything else on the market because the techniques within aren't taught as parts of a magic routine--they're taught as techniques for cheating at cards. The way Daniel approaches them, they're totally invisible; because if they aren't invisible, it could've cost him his life. That makes a huge difference, and even if you think you have the best bottom deal, second deal, greek deal, whatever, this is still worth picking up just to experience all those sleights we take advantage of on an almost daily basis from a perspective few of us will ever experience first-hand. Whether you're just starting out with card magic, or you've built an entire show around it, buy this. It'll take your magic to the next level.
  4. Summary

    This is a card workers dream. The detail Daniel Madison goes into is just incredible. In particular Ive always done a really dodgy looking bottom deal, which is enough for most magicians as there isnt much heat on dealing but after enough practice with DM's working of the bottom deal I can now tell somebody im dealing off the bottom and they still dont believe me after ive shown them.
  5. Summary

    A remarkable presentation not only of technique but also of a methodology as to how to think about what you do and why and how you do it. This was my first exposure to Daniel Madison but it definitely, definitely will not be my last.
  6. Summary

    Best 60 dollars that I have ever spent! This man knows what you can get away with at the card table. If you want to learn how to do false deals, shifts, false cuts and shuffles this is the product that you need. These are not tricks, but if you deal down those aces face up like Daniel did from the bottom of the deck, everybody will be just as stunned as if you would do some amazing card trick.
    It only costs you 60 dollars to learn these moves, it nearly cost him his life. Your choice!
  7. Summary

    Without any doubt my favourite "card mechanic" DVD ever. This is state of art.
    The detail and focus put into teaching each move is outstanding. This is a great buy for anyone who is studying at any level the subtle art of card deception.
    A classic masterpiece from a living legend.
  8. Summary

    A well taught guide on the art of deception. All of the moves included require a lot of practice to master. However if you are serious about wanting to learn card deception then this is the thing to get. My only problem is that there could have been more camera angles to make it easier to understand.
  9. Summary

    This is art. This is not a collection of tricks. This is deception that can never be mastered, only bettered. It will change the way you work with cards. It will twist your mind into wondering what is really possible in card magic. These are moves that you will work with forever. DM teaches more than moves, he teaches psychology of deception, the 'why' of the moves.
    Yes, this can be used for card cheating. No, you shouldn't cheat at cards. DM states plainly that this is for deception and not cheating.
    These are not tricks, if you're looking for a trick, go somewhere else. This is deception.
  10. Summary

    I got the DVD and download bundle and I am so glad I did. I have tried some of the deck manipulations already and even though I have not had this work long I am confident in my review of it. This is without a doubt the best "non magic" magic training DVD I have ever seen. The unfiltered raw insight Daniel gives are worth the price alone I feel. The things Daniel teaches you to do with a deck of cards are speechless. Some of it will be hard and will need a lot of practice but worth the time. This is why Daniel Madison is the" angel with devil hands " in my opinion.