The One Armed Bandit

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A devious one-handed palm… From the middle of the deck.

“Insanely clever...”
- Shin Lim, winner of America's Got Talent

Blaise Serra is the creator of 'The One Armed Bandit'. One hell of a move where the spectator FREELY chooses a card, and with minimal movements, you’re able to palm the selection from the middle of the deck.

What you do next is up to you.

The possibilities: … Endless

Sleight-of-hand seems impossible when the dirty hand is also the one holding the deck. Blaise teaches you that it's not.


• One Handed Side-Steal to Classic Palm

• One Handed Control to Top or Bottom of deck

• Side-Steal to Bottom Palm (Two Handed Variation)

Double Jeopardy:
A quick routine for two spectators where the selections appear alone in the magician’s hand before the audience members realize the trick has even begun.

The One Armed Bandit:
The routine which gave this project its name, The One Armed Bandit is a streamlined card-to-pocket with the card selected behind the magician’s back. The spectators can watch the magician’s hands closely the entire time- they won’t spot A THING.

The Hamburglar:
The Hamburglar introduces an original one-handed method for sandwich routines. This trick also showcases this utility move’s unique ability to control any selection not only to the Top or Bottom, but also to any location within the deck.

A new take on the classic “Card At Any Number” plot, INSTACAAN is an impromptu routine during which a card is fairly selected and instantly transported to anywhere in the deck that the spectator desires. No stack or memorization required, just pure sleight of hand that flies by anyone, no matter how closely they are burning the magician’s hands.

Integrate this move into any palming techniques you already do!

Many variations of this utility move are also taught in detail, making this a welcome addition to any card magician’s repertoire. Prefer not to classic palm cards? No problem. With The One Armed Bandit you will also learn how to load the card with one hand from the center into any desired palming position, such as: tenkai palm, longitudinal palm, gambler’s flat palm, and much more.

Blaise takes you through the move with expert tuition so you can perform this move with silky smooth accuracy.

Become The Bandit.


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  1. William

    Great move! I agree it's a little quick so I had to rewind also, but when I got it was AWESOME!!
  2. Adrian

    One of the best utility moves I´ve ever seen, but kind of exhausting to learn. Also the explanation is kind of quick so you have to repeat it over and over.
  3. salomon

    To buy the “The One Armed Bandit” was one of the most smartest thing I have ever did!
    I had concerns about buying this download, I thought it will be insanely hard and not practical and that is one of those moves that just the creator can do...
    After I bought it I was so glad to find out I was wrong!
    Blaise Serra and to pay 14.95$ for what he teaches is NOTHING, It's so worth it.
    He goes to all the tiny important details and it is so fun to watch!
    I highly recommend you buy this download, you will not regret it!
  4. Summary

    Like always ellusionist brings an other banger. The only flaw in the whole thing is he teaches it too fast and it's not explained well. U will get it in a while for sure but if the explanation was better I would have got the move faster
  5. Mark

    Sooooo cleaver and useful!
    I would most definitely recommend getting it!
  6. Summary

    Like everything Ellusionist releases, the quality of the videos is great, and the effects are hard hitting as always.
    My finger hurts from trying to practice it all day. Im still struggling over the first move he teaches.

    I gave it 3 stars because it was taught too quickly, wasn't in depth enough and feel it would take a long long long, long time for me to get it to the point where I could perform these moves without flashing or getting by undetected by the spectator. Purely because of the finger movement required to pull these moves off.

  7. Summary

    ok. lets be honest. this thing is hard. it is very much possible though. i just finished learning the basic mechanics and idea behind the move, and it is realy clever. this is going to take practic, but honestly its fine. i cant do the move yet, but i would still recomend it. i think it is a great price for three great routines and one crazy move with so many apllictions