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"David Stone leads one of the most interesting lives..."
- Lee Asher, High Quality Card Expert

After releasing the best-selling DVD's "The Real Secrets of Magic" World Champion FISM Winner, David Stone went on a world tour with his lecture.

More than 120 performances in almost 2 years. The last one took place at the most attended convention: Blackpool, where 700 magicians witnessed the outstanding show that built David Stone's fame, making him one of the worlds best magic performers today.

This film is so much more than a lecture, it's a master class of entertainment and showmanship, mixing the art of close up with a twisted, fun mind. An act full of energyAn act full of energy delivered with 10 of David's Strongest effects taught right here.

Get in on the insiders view of a life dedicated to the art of presentation and magic and how you can effectively apply it to yours.

(Warning - Some offensive and suggestive language)

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  1. This video is just AMAZING!

    this video inspired on how david lived his live with magic. you should definitely get this DVD. All you need is hard practice. the tricks are awesome! I'm serious man get the DVD I dont have to tell you twice!
  2. Awesome, but a bit disappoint

    Frankly, this dvd dissapointed me.

    Not for the lecture, the lecture in blackpool is awesome.

    But for the overall content:The TRAILER makes me believe that there are a LOTS of David's performances inside the dvd.

    If you guys watch again the trailer, you can see there are a short clip of David's performances in Japan,Taiwan,Norway and the like.These really misdirect me to believe that there are so many awesome full performances in this dvd,but indeed there aren't.

    The trailer even say 127 lectures, 14 countries, 2 years of David's life.Seriously, i bought this dvd not because i want to learn magic from David, but I want to see his performance.For me, the most valuable thing is his performance, not the magic.

    Since i am really a fan of David, I would like to say, unless there are really so many performances in this dvd, if not, please don't use such a misdirecting trailer, it really make me upset.
  3. This is what we do.

    Well i tell you a very old proverb say's mock the perfect man behold the upright for at the end of that man is peace.(follow those who are making it happen)