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  1. Summary

    these cards are fun and lighthearted. i really love the design. i used to imagine flying my lolly rockets through space. dup 9 of spades and double backer are a great touch. others are crying about the jokers being of a slightly different color face. it's true, but i think it's cool.
  2. Summary

    I would draw concern to the jokers being discolored, but seeing as how I use the jokers very seldom, it's not enough to harm my love for the designs of these cards. The backs are simple yet wonderful and they handle really well. I'm also a fan of the red suits having red suit designs but black numbers. It makes them look better in my honest opinion.
  3. Summary

    These cards are excellent, in my top five favorites of all time as far as handling goes. I don't often see duplicate cards in the particular decks I buy so having the extra 9 of spades is great. Double backer is nice as well.

    I am only dinging one star because of the off-white jokers that don't match the background color of the other cards. I think this is a five star deck but the cream colored joker background is a little off-putting and sticks out too much when fanning and handling the cards, and I have found it quite distracting.

    Otherwise these cards are amazing and I am back today buying another stack for my collection!