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The Ultimate Full-Deck Table Hold-Out...

THE TYRANT is my solution to the 'Table-Advocate'... A full-deck playing-card-index for a table that allows the performer to be secretly within possession of any playing card within a moments notice.

This solution offers the performer an endless myriad of ideas for demonstrations of sleight-of-hand at the card table...

His hands are always in full view and NEVER leave the table, yet he has any card he needs readily awaiting his command.

I am Daniel Madison.
This is Tyrant.

"I can't wait to use TYRANT and oppress my audience's brains with something so impossible and clean. My brain immediately started churning out ideas and routines using this method. Tyrant makes the card Table your b*tch."
Mark Calabrese

"I thought 'The Advocate' was the greatest thing Madison has ever done... I stand corrected"
Chris Ramsay

"Finally a solution to something we've all tried or thought about."
Xavior Spade

"Daniel is a strange dichotomy: both modern and classical. He's able to answer very old and difficult questions in magic with very new and innovative ideas. Tyrant is no exception. He's created a table man's tool that leaves the hands in view the whole time (that fact will be significantly more important when you read the book/see the download). As always, well done!" Jeremy Griffith

"After reading This my mind flooded with ideas of effects and routines that can be performed using The Tyrant. Even after reading the first few pages I found myself smiling at how clever this is. The possibilities are endless. The Tyrant is what I have been waiting for!" Lewis Le Val

Format: Video Download & PDF eBook
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 16 minutes

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  1. Summary

    This is a worker, this is a fact. This is not for those hobbyists or amateur magicians, wanting to show their friends and families something cool. Why? It requires your audience to be seated, in front of you and you need to have it set up before they even sit down. If you do seated close up or parlor magic shows , then however this is perfect and you will already be familiar with the idea of setting everything up before your audience even walks in the room. What you are not getting is a full fledged routine or trick, but the method to hundreds of different trick, and a method you could use to substitute for other methods that don't suit your fancy. The only minor gripe is price, for $20 you only get 16 minutes of video and about 2 minutes is just the trailer alone. All in all though, a solid release from Ellusionist and Daniel Madison.
  2. Summary

    This thing is Briliant but i'm to lazy to make it..... i don't do tabled magic but i think i might have to now. Daniel is a genius
  3. Summary

    In all honesty, this is the last time I will buy anything magic that is Daniel madison's. Sad to say, but after Advocate everything has been a let down.

    This is almost never practical, stage is the only thing I can see as being practical. The idea behind the method is nothing above okay, and definitely not genius or really new.

    I have seen people use this thing way before DM.

    I really am sad to say it is a first time I have actually given a bad review to ellusiont (besides 52 Gone).