Villain by Daniel Madison


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Villain is Daniel Madison's undisclosed weapon of choice. 

A set of FOUR unseen gimmicks that are so smooth, it's criminal.

Villain allows you to pull off the impossible, with almost zero skill.

- Vanishing & Appearing Cards
- Hands off 'Do as I Do' routines
- Ultra-clean Sandwich effects... Anything!

This is Madison's personal recipe for rough & smooth, the product of a 24-month long crusade and the perfect concotion of chemicals required for thunderous reactions.

With enough 'VILLAIN' for hundreds of performances, you'll finally have your Card Magic 'On Lock'.

Even if you only learn one thing from the video, it gives you a real-life tool you'll use every time you pull out a deck

Get Villain TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Stef

    Dec 2017

    First time ever getting my hands on rough and smooth device, the amount you get is good. But i was expecting it to stick a little bit more.

  • by Rene

    Dec 2017

    Great product, I always carry an invisible deck with me and decided to make the purchase to build my own invisible deck and brainwave decks, so, after building the first invisible deck which handles perfectly fine, I noticed that less than 1mm of the stick was gone ! Lol !! This is going to last me for YEARS! So, $24.99 for basically over a decade of invisible decks and brainwaves, can’t beat that with any other rough and smooth spay or stick out there, not for this price. And if you are new to magic and do not know yet how to build an invisible deck or brainwave deck don’t you worry, Madison goes thru the whole process to teach you how to build them and perform with them. Great job DM.

  • by Brendan

    Nov 2017

    I have to say I love Ellusionist and card magic so this is perfect for me. The tricks he teaches you are amazing and fooling with good instructions. Sometimes the sticks do not work the way I want them to but that’s fine because I can just add more. So overall I love this! So what are you waiting for, buy IT!!