Villain by Daniel Madison


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Villain is Daniel Madison's undisclosed weapon of choice. 

A set of FOUR unseen gimmicks that are so smooth, it's criminal.

Villain allows you to pull off the impossible, with almost zero skill.

- Vanishing & Appearing Cards
- Hands off 'Do as I Do' routines
- Ultra-clean Sandwich effects... Anything!

This is Madison's personal recipe for rough & smooth, the product of a 24-month long crusade and the perfect concotion of chemicals required for thunderous reactions.

With enough 'VILLAIN' for hundreds of performances, you'll finally have your Card Magic 'On Lock'.

Even if you only learn one thing from the video, it gives you a real-life tool you'll use every time you pull out a deck

Get Villain TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Jerry Foster

    Mar 2018

    This is the most useless product I ever purchased for rough and smooth. I could have done just as well using a candle. Not to mention it does not work well at all. Stick with rough and smooth spray, which works fine. The product makes the card surface waxy. If one does not use enough the rough and smooth principle does not work.

  • by Lee

    Mar 2018

    When this product arrived (Germany) I was very curious wether it works as promised or not. So I tried to create my own Invisible Deck. I applied it on two cards and tried out the stickiness and I was disappointed like wtf... so I went through all those reviews here and saw that someone had the same problem. After reading his whole review I created a whole Deck and tada! It works! Now I get the idea how this product actually works. It is really good since I used up to only 1mm of it for a whole Invisible Deck? Even the Tricks which come with the purchase are worth the money!

  • by Kyle Leon

    Mar 2018

    Honestly, I don't like it at all. I don't know if it's just me, but I find it doesn't do tried applying LOTS of it to cards and find they just separate very easily. Like zero roughing aspect. Kind of confusing. I own Roughing Stick by Harry Robson and find that it's the best roughing agent on the market. Practically the same cost as Villain. Roughing Stick allows the cards to actually adhere to one another. I find Villain a little too unreliable. I do a TON of rough and smooth work and was very disappointed by this product.