Villain by Daniel Madison


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Villain is Daniel Madison's undisclosed weapon of choice. 

A set of FOUR unseen gimmicks that are so smooth, it's criminal.

Villain allows you to pull off the impossible, with almost zero skill.

- Vanishing & Appearing Cards
- Hands off 'Do as I Do' routines
- Ultra-clean Sandwich effects... Anything!

This is Madison's personal recipe for rough & smooth, the product of a 24-month long crusade and the perfect concotion of chemicals required for thunderous reactions.

With enough 'VILLAIN' for hundreds of performances, you'll finally have your Card Magic 'On Lock'.

Even if you only learn one thing from the video, it gives you a real-life tool you'll use every time you pull out a deck

Get Villain TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Sam

    Sep 2018

    This was my first experience with a rough&smooth product and I'm not disappointed. Madison is very complete with his explanation of how to use the device on the cards, and how to use the cards to make a number of trick decks. The video alone is worth the price.

  • by Woody Thrower

    Jul 2018

    Works as advertised. Even when applied to just two cards, it does a great job of keeping them together when spread. I would say that I would buy it again, but with 4 sticks it is extremely unlikely that I will ever need to.

  • by Adrian

    Jul 2018

    Great product that's easy to use, incredible tricks that come along with the video such as Brainwave effects, Monte routines and so much more. Not to mention the fact that you can make at LEAST 10 invisible decks for the $25 price tag.