The Worker Pt 1 by Adam Wilber

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You've been there. That moment you get put on the spot.

Do a trick!

You start to get nervous. You start to sweat.

Now what? What do you do...

You relax, reach into your pocket and perform one of the miracles taught in this download from Adam Wilber.

The Worker (Pt 1) is a collection of three routines directly from Adam's working repertoire. This is material that has been carefully refined through years of practice and REAL paying audiences.

In this download you will learn:

The Backup Plan - A full 3 phase routine with four aces and a selection. A selected ace turns over in a visually impossible manner then as a kicker that ace changes places with the spectators selection in their own hand.

Boxer - Boxer is a brilliant utility device that allows for a multitude of effects. In this download you will learn Adam's go to impossible location effect. You will also learn a bonus trick where a selected card visually transposes with a finger ring. You must see it to believe it.

Pop Production - 4 Aces appear by popping out of the deck, in all directions. Fast and Startling!

Three strong, powerful effects that will keep people talking about you and your magic.

Learn these effects right now!

Delve further into the worker psychology with regularly updated thoughts from Adam at:
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  1. Summary

    Excellent effects, all explained and demonstrated very well.
  2. Summary

    Great buy back up plan is now my favorite effect to do so much fun adam is a evil genius but in a good way mus buy
  3. Summary

    Adam Wilber is an amazing teacher, going over every detail of every trick and making sure you are prepared to do it. Now that that's out of the way, here's a quick breakdown of each trick reviewed seperately.
    "Back-up Plan": Probably my new got-to. Fun, multi-phase, no setup, no gimmick trick with plenty of fun and steadily ramping impressiveness.
    "Boxer": Legitimately magical effect. Be warned: does require seperate small purchase to make gimmick. HOWEVER, the gimmick lasts a long time and is worth it.
    "Pop-Production": Fun little production. Not a real trick, more of a bonus. Uses a move that can't be done too well with super small hands, but for most people it should be a fun little extra.
  4. Summary

    -Backup Plan: This is my favorite of the items in this download. I love the patter and the versatility of it. No gimmicks, all glory!
    -Boxer: There is some gimmick with this one but nothing that is very advanced. Its great to make several at one time that way there's no worry if one dies. Other than that, its a great routine that as you saw, will lay an audience flat.
    -Pop Production: Flawless victory!
    Understandability: Adam explains every single detail of these tricks. The only way I could see anyone having a problem would be if they had started card magic yesterday.
    Price: The cost is perfect if I was just buying "Backup Plan", But for all three of these items, This is a steal!!!!
    Overview: Must have for any magician.
  5. Summary

    All three routines are great. Backup Plan was my favorite, because it was based off of a routine that I had previously learned from the DVD Bill Malone on the Loose; I really like Adam's handling for the routine. Boxer is a cool trick, but like most of Adam Wilber's tricks, it requires quite a bit of set-up. Pop production is a cool way to product four of a kind.
  6. Summary

    Amazing! The backup plan is now my go to effect, and it is adam's as well! The boxer uses a gimmick and most of the download is spent with adam teaching you how to construct the gimmick. You will have to buy some extra things in order to make the gimmick. The pop production is a very visual and impressive production. It will take just a little but of practice but it is worth it. I use the pop production for the backup plan. This is the best product i have ever bought on ellusionist, buy it now!!!
  7. Summary

    These effects are instant winners that are easy to perform and hard-hitting. This is a great value for the price and I honestly would have paid more.
  8. Summary

    Incredible! Buy this now! For only 10 bucks, this is a steal!
  9. Summary

    Anything Adam Wilber is a must buy.
  10. Summary

    Great effects worth every penny and easy to pick up there is one gimmick that is easy to make